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Time to Give Thanks

Well it has been way too long since my last blog post. My traveling and training schedule since this summer has been so jammed packed- but in a good way! I have had many teaching and learning adventures that I would like to share with all of you! As of July 1, 2013 I hired a new and amazing EdTech Consultant of Tim Nielsen.

Tim brings to our company a fresh, new and exciting outlook on mobile learning workshop perspectives and teaching offerings. Tim is coming from a local Wisconsin k-12 school district with a well-rounded and highly defined skill set of being a building tech integration coach, an elementary classroom teacher and a Master Teacher of the UW-L ME-PD program with a case study focus of the impact of mobile learning student learning centers in an elementary setting. Tim also has designed and facilitated several dynamic workshops for my company this past Spring, Summer and Fall focused on Google Apps, Chrome Apps and Extensions, 1:1 Chromebook Teaching and Learning Environments, SMARTBoards, iPad Student Literacy Centers, Google Hangouts and Google Glass- and the Impact of Blended Learning, and so much more! We are so excited and proud to bring him on board! His enthusiasm for learning and collaborative and design teaching style are so infectious! Welcome aboard "Mr. Friday" as I call him - but welcome "Timmy" and we are so glad to have you be part of our Innovative Educator Consulting team.

As we continued to deliver several technology literacy boot camps and workshops throughout the Midwest this Summer and into the Fall, we had some other family critical factors taking place. Our youngest son graduated from Highschool in May and enlisted in the US Army. Jake has since graduated from basics and AIT the end of September from the US Army and has just recently been stationed in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss. We can not wait for his arrival home for Christmas visit!

September brought a lovely bundle of joy into our family, as our oldest son Ryan and his wife Krissy gave birth to a little girl on September 28. This little girl's name is Madelyn Ann and has brought so much joy into
all of our lives. As of yesterday she had her two month checkup and she is one happy and healthy little girl. We are such proud grandparents!

 October brought about many new opportunities to present nation wide and one of my favorite locations included Napa Valley, California at the CUE Conference. Had a chance to catch up with many Twitter PLN friends. Many of these friends I have only met online, and to meet them face to face was a sheer pleasure. Thanks to Alice Keeler, Mark Hammons, Danny Silva, and Barbara Bray for the extended welcome to CUE and Napa Valley- and an opportunity to learn from the very best Google Certified Teachers and present at this wonderful conference!

 Since I worked all summer long and did not get a day off since the end of May, my husband and I thought it
would be a good deal to take a Fall working break and continue on with a 5 day holiday to Maui, HI. Much deserved! The constant sunshine alone, the beautiful array of flowers, the sounds of the breaking ocean waves and the daily plunge into the beautiful clear ocean to snorkeling was my heaven, my mental stress relief from the nonstop work routine from my EdTech company. Everyone needs to turn off the technology at times, find a healthy balance for fun, relaxation and family time- and to reconnect with nature to appreciate the beautiful sights and scenes of what our great Earth has to offer. I always feel so refreshed and energized after a sun-filled vacation to jump start a new design and creation side with my work and delivery of tech infused workshops.

November marked the calendar for the annual Intel Moderator Summit in Portland, OR. I love this event because I get to meet up with my favorite Intel Girls and network, collaborate, and change the EdTech world for good! #TeachersEngage Not only did I meet up with the Intel girls- we have got a pretty good team of the Intel Guys too- you know- we cannot leave our gentleman teacher friends out of the picture for too long :-)

This trip was extraordinary and very special- because I had nominated a great Wisconsin teacher friend to accompany me on this journey this time. Deb Norton, is one of the five educators of choice that made the "Intel Attendee List." Deb is 5th grade 1:1 teacher from Ripon, WI and is one of the most influential educators I know. She is so enthusiastic, passionate about teaching and making immediate changes in her classroom practices. Deb is so willing to take a risk or meet any challenge head on. I also nominated Deb for this EdTech adventure because she is doing so many dynamic and innovative teaching practices in her daily classroom instruction and delivery approaches with her students. I knew she would be up for the challenge to work with other innovative educators from around the nation. Thank you Deb Norton for being one of my very best and closest teacher friends- EVER! I love you girl and thanks for all you do!

November welcomes me every year as it is my birthday month. I turned a big 45 this year- wow I cannot believe where the heck did the last 20 years go? As a birthday surprise and a gift to myself and my company- I had an opportunity to order Google Glass from my favorite New York Google Certified Teacher friend and Intel Girl, Blanca Duarte. Google Glass arrived a few days after my birthday. I'm just digging into the inner workings and the EdTech possibilities of this type of wearable technology- and I am truly fascinated about the endless possibilities to make a meaningful impact in the k-12 classroom environment! And yes I did order the tangerine orange- as it so matches my company's branding colors!

Thank you Blanca for providing our company
the opportunity to work with this new augmented reality technology! Tim Nielsen and myself will make you very proud! In addition to Google Glass, my middle son, Darin (Sprint Senior Analyst) also hooked me up with a New Google Nexus 5 Google phone- OMG I am in so in love with my Nexus--- do not tell my husband about this tech love affair :-) It works seamlessly with Google Glass- this is best tech rock show one could ever image and I am so excited that I can be a tech rockstar member!!! Thanks to my son and closest friends for the Google Nexus 5 recommendations and for making this all happen! #TogetherWeAreBetter

Now that we are closing out November, December will be rolling in very soon with new teaching and learning adventures. These adventures include presenting at the Wisconsin SLATE Conference on iPad Literacy, Intel Elements, and Design on a Dime- Flipping Your Physical Classroom Environment. And after SLATE I fly out immediately to present on behalf of ISTE for their Mobile Learning initiative in Texas to impact nationwide educators- I am THRILLED for this new partnership and the opportunity to influence so many lead educators from around the nation. Thank you ISTE for seeking me out and providing me this wonderful opportunity and partnership!

December also brings about the month of holidays and celebrations in our household. My baby boy of Jake- well not such a baby anymore and 18 year old soldier- that I mentioned earlier, will be flying home to celebrate Christmas with us- I am so excited- as we have not seen him since this summer. And of course- due to the hectic December training schedule- we are going out today- yes today November 27th to purchase a 10 foot live Christmas tree to get a jumpstart on the holiday decorating. My other two son's and wives/girlfriends do not know it- but they will get the sheer pleasure of helping me decorate the holiday tree after our Thanksgiving feast planned for Friday of this week. We always use to decorate the tree on the weekend of the Thanksgiving holiday when they were kids, and it is just not the same to decorate the tree all by myself. Hopefully they will be as excited as I am about this idea :-) Many hands make for light work :-) Yes, this is our Christmas tree from last year in the provided picture - I am all about the detail and color coordination- as I am an interior designer by heart!   Wishing you all a joyous holiday season from November through December from the Innovative Educator Consulting EdTech Team!


anil sahu said…
As an innovative teacher it is very pleaseant to become a participant of innovative training. However the teachers who find an opportunity to take part in such wonderful programme. Your post is informative and inspirating for teachers. Education department has to organize teacher innovation programmes every year so that teachers can get nee and updated knowledge of education technology. Tours and training programmes are always play a role in enhencing teachers quality and skills. Thanks for this nice post.
Dimoco said…
very nice idea, thank for the info.

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