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Springing Forward with Women Leadership and Gratitude

Do you ever ask yourself where has the time gone? And looking back in the past 3-5 -7 years how dramatically how things have changed and why have I landed here in my job career?  Well I ask those same questions - and quite often.  I look back to a doorway of opportunity that happened for me just over four years ago.  Many of you have heard the story and many are gaining a glimpse of it for the first time today. I know where I was just over 4 years ago…..closing a door- perhaps the better word would be closing/locking the vault- to working in a toxic environment where micro-management was the focus of the ‘so-called” leadership model… where creative thought, challenging the norm and taking risks was looked down upon and even reprimanded- and especially by a woman…. and just being different was consider being an outcast to an educational organization. Yes, this happened to me- and some of you may say - ohh you sound bitter still...., bitter because I was being held back from perusing my educational passions, my creative design and thinking concepts, and to showcase how technology could be utilized to transform a team's collaborative effort to build a community of learners within an organization. I was even questioned of how and why I would even think of using Twitter as an educational professional development communication tool. I still shake my head over this, and am so thankful I am no longer in this toxic environment.

Please note, this leadership mentality still exists amongst several educational administrative leaders, and throughout several pockets of our country. Dr. Scott McLeod, one of our MidWest EdTech leaders from Iowa,  has hit the nail on the head with driving home several points to wake up admin leadership in our MidWest region about the importance of educational technology and the value to our students.  But as you can see, it takes a man to talk to a another group of senior administrators that are mostly men to get the ball rolling of now finally seeing the importance to make change- even though many of us as women edtech leaders have been leading and sharing the very same message for several decades. It is this very same population of men, with receding hairlines, big egos, and compensating for small....... well the right words here would be....small and narrow mindsets of understanding the power of educational technology and  the ability that women can lead- and lead even better than men according to the most recent research.  

"A recent study took a poll of over 7,200 leaders in the year 2011. They were all rated on 16 different competencies in different positions such as managers and executives. Out of these 16, women scored higher on 15, with 12 of them being significantly higher than men. Two of the biggest traits that men didn’t quite measure up as well as their female counterparts were initiative and drive."
"These ratings, that were given to the leaders, were handed out by co-workers, bosses, and peers. Although there were more men in the study than women, women still dominated in almost every leadership competency and were highly recommended by their peers." (Researched retrieved from Forbes, Harvard,  Psychology Today and and "

I have always been driven. I strive for perfection and attention to detail in everything I do. I aim to please as customer-service is my primary focus is of the highest importance on my checklist- whether my customers are students, teachers, administrators, deans of universities, or CEO’s of business organizations.  My forward thinking and shared vision has gotten me to where I am today- and I am honored to state I am a very successful business woman. My EdTech business has landed me more than a premiere status of an educational agency of choice- it has landed me the best networking opportunity of a lifetime to build a highly collaborative, competitive and creative woman owned business of a lifetime! I accredit my success to the individuals I network, collaborate and surround myself with on a daily basis. These innovative and creative individuals- include both male and female forward thinking EdTech leaders that are not afraid to ask questions or ask for help, share their ideas, and brainstorm educational possibilities to change the world. 
I want to thank each and everyone of you as being part of my PLN over the past 10 years for your support, your listening ear, your thoughtful and creative insights you have shared with me and your kind and caring heart for believing in me as and educational thought leader. Thank you for welcoming me  into your classrooms, your K-12 school districts to work with your educators and students, your universities and global businesses and organizations. Because of each and everyone of you – I have accepted the challenge to offer you, and to design and deliver the best professional technology leadership offerings in the nation. #TogetherWeAreBetter

On that thought, here is a brand new announcement that I am excited to share with all of- we (a collective and collaborative team of men and women educators) are planning two Tri-State Google and Intel Education Mini Summits within the Lacrosse, WI and Green Bay, WI area in Fall 2013. It has been in the works for several months, and we are bringing together the best EdTech thought leaders and Google Certified Teachers from the Tri-State area form Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin for the Lacrosse event and more to come on the Green Bay event. We are pulling together some innovative educators for each of this events as lead learner sessions to jump start your learning with Google Apps and Intel Education integration best practices and motivating teaching and learning strategies to transform your k-12 and Higher Educational classroom environments. 

More to come soon......


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