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Springing Forward with Women Leadership and Gratitude

Do you ever ask yourself where has the time gone? And looking back in the past 3-5 -7 years how dramatically how things have changed and why have I landed here in my job career?  Well I ask those same questions - and quite often.  I look back to a doorway of opportunity that happened for me just over four years ago.  Many of you have heard the story and many are gaining a glimpse of it for the first time today. I know where I was just over 4 years ago…..closing a door- perhaps the better word would be closing/locking the vault- to working in a toxic environment where micro-management was the focus of the ‘so-called” leadership model… where creative thought, challenging the norm and taking risks was looked down upon and even reprimanded- and especially by a woman…. and just being different was consider being an outcast to an educational organization. Yes, this happened to me- and some of you may say - ohh you sound bitter still...., bitter because I was being held back from perusing my…