Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flunency Finder App- Perfect Reading Assessment for K-8 Educators

I would like to share with you the exciting new app of Fluency Finder we utilized during an iPad Apptivity workshop in Wisconsin yesterday with K-8th grade teachers and Reading Specialist and Title I teachers.  It’s a reading fluency app that will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and the cost is $6.99. The grade level assessment associated with this app is focused on grades 1-5, but can easily utilized for children in kindergarten who are more fluent with reading or students through their middle school years who are struggling with reading.   This particular app allows you to assess the reading fluency of each child in your classroom and store the data assessments, so you can refer back to them for future comparisons of analyzing fluency growths or setbacks.The Fluency finder app stores all the information locally on your mobile device and the reading passages. 

This app allows for educators to be productive with their time and efficient with administrating the reading fluency assessments with their students. If you’re an educator, you know that these assessments can take forever when you have 25-30 students in a class. This app will be your time lifesaver for you, and your students will also enjoy the immediate feedback of improvements made by you as an educator by providing your positive critical and constructive feedback for students meeting their reading goal or striving for improvement.
So you may be asking now- how do I get started with this app after I purchase it- it is simple and easy! First input your students information (name, grade and class) and then choose one of the corresponding grade level passages. You also have the option to  print out the passage from the Fluency Finder Website located here http://www. for the student to have a tangible copy and then you can follow along on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Fluency Finder has three passages per grade so you can administer the reading fluency assessment at three different incremental timeframes throughout the year using different passages. 
To begin using the app with your students-  all you need to do is enter the students name, select a passage and start the timer app. As the student begins to read the passage and during the reading you mark how many mistakes they are making. When they are finished reading the whole passage you click “Finish Assessment” and the app calculates the students reading ease, words per minute and the mistakes they made.
Our group of educators I worked with really enjoyed this app based on the productivity of its use, immediacy of data reading fluency results and ease of technology use.  I highly recommend this app for K-8 grade teachers, Reading Specialist and Title I teachers. The cost of the app is $6.99 but it is well worth it from an educators point of view! 
Check out the website at or download the app from iTunes to get started today with assessing the reading fluency of your students in your classroom. 
A very special thank you to David Kapuler and his twitter handle @dkapule for introducing this app to me to share with all the educators I work with throughout the nation!