Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pondering Thoughts of an Infographics Workshop

I have been exploring with the idea of creating an infographics workshops to assist educators and administrators with designing data sets to visually represent the content or the main point they are trying to portray when they are instructing students. As we know, the lecture style and pencil and paper classroom are quite boring- so we need to jazz up the instructional approach to meet the needs of today's diverse learners. But we also need to present information in a way that can be absorbed in smaller chuncks, so the endusers has a more personalized and manageable experience with the data or findings that are being presented.

I have been searching through a multitude of inforgraphics design programs and resources and have found many that are very intuitive and teacher friendly to utilize. If the technology resource or tool is not straight forward and simple to navigate and design through- up to 65% of educators will not find value in it or use it to support instruction- this is what I have found out with the many workshops I have offered. The one infographic resource I am going to showcase today is called and it allows an individual to create a professional development profile and resume of oneself.  Here is a sample I created through this link.   You can even get a tee-shirt made from it to support your marketing campaign or branding strategy.

Here is also a unique infographic just in time for Father's Day that may add a chuckle to his day. You can click on the graphic to make it larger so you can read the content.

If you are looking for other infographic resources,  I stumbled across this huge list titled "Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources"the possibilities are endless.

Hope these resources will support your visual display of your next content message with students or adult learners.

Have a great weekend everyone!