Friday, September 7, 2012

September Back To School "The Digital Buzz" Radio Broadcast

September Greetings!

This month's "Digital Buzz" radio broadcast focus is on Back to School with tips and tricks with shared resources of Apps, Authentic Assessments, Creating Curious Readers and Roll Out's of Technology Plans and Initiatives. These topics were generated from posed Twitter questions and insights from my Twitter PLN during August and the beginning of September.

Thanks to Michael Fischer @fisher1000 on Twitter and Jenna Linskens @2teach_edtech for sharing and recommendations of the following apps to find free educational apps!  Apps to find free apps: Free Apps, AppsGoneFree, AppShopper, AppStar Picks, Edu App Center, TechChef4U. Also tap into Moms with Apps  every Friday for a great collection of apps that are free or greatly reduced for iPads, Androids and Windows based. Don;t forget to checkout these two great app respiratories to find the right educational app to get the job down and meet the individual student learning need in your classroom! TCEA and Appitic You will NOT be disappointed :-)

Also look to this great collection of Android apps for schools: 
And Kathy Schrock's amazing collection of Bloomin' apps for iPads, Androids, Google and Web 2.0  for education: 

Authentic Assessment Resource- thanks to Lisa Nielsen and the article she wrote in the June 2012 Tech and Learning magazine. I introduced this to our radio listeners of "options" and "choices" to standardized assessments to get at the heart of understanding of what our students really know.

How to create curious readers from Scholastic "Instructor" magazine.  Many educators ask me how do I get reluctant readers to enjoy reading and ask good thought provoking questions- well this article sums it up with meaning results!  

Three other great app mentions to support authentic assessment and to flourish question creation and critical reflection include the new KWHL Chart app & Sticky Notes HD with Bump app & Paper Port Notes app.  The KWHL and paper Port Notes are free and Sticky Notes is $1.99.


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