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Lazy Days of Summer Are No More

I have had many interesting conversations since the wrap up of the school year, and some individuals think or believe since school is out of session that my workload has or will lighten for me professionally and for k-12 educators in general. I always laugh at these statements and share with these individuals that my summers are my busiest times for working with educators and administrators around the nation. And....some k-12 educators and administrators are working their hardest to make greater gains with professional technology literacy skill sets, learning new facilitation strategies incorporating blending learning best practices, and trying to stay on top of the demands coming at them from the state and federal government demands of the Common Core, PBIS, RtI, and the new Teacher evaluation process of the Danielson model- especially in the state of Wisconsin. 

The summer is my highest demand with working with k-12 schools to ignite and jump-start their new strategic plans and visio…