Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 UK Google Teacher Academy

I was introduced to a new video challenge last month and full heartily accepted the challenge and entered the 2012 Google Teacher Academy in the UK. This event will take place in London, England UK on April 4, 2012. The task at hand was to complete the online application and produce and submit an original one minute video on EITHER of the following topics: "Motivation and Learning" OR "Classroom Innovation." and to be as creative as you like. Love the open endlessness of this challenge!

This video is a very important part of the application. The task is designed to demonstrate your technical ability, your resourcefulness, your commitment, and your unique personality and interests. I chose a creative element of using the video creation tool of One True Media, an edgy urban sound track and a multimedia look and feel of London, England. My message was posed to infuse the message of "Classroom Innovation." I personally feel very good about the final production.  It provided me an opportunity to be highly creative, feel the motivational edge of competition, and meet the deadline with two weeks of lead time

Here is the final video production- please let me know how I did.  Feel free to share a comment or suggestion with me through a comment at the bottom of this post- much appreciated.

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Naomi Harm said...

Thanks for the kind remarks about my video. I understand they have a certain criteria set for who does and does not make it, but it would have been nice to be supplied a comment or two why one does not make the final cut. One receives an email with a canned response if you made it or not.

It was a good experience to reflect and be challenged to create a one minute video. Perhaps I will get a chance next year to apply again if a Google Academy is offered.

Enjoy your weekend!