Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Blend- One of Your Last Chances to Enter

Happy New Year Greeting to Each and Everyone One YOU!

With the New Year brings many new opportunities to start fresh or dig even deeper into your goals that you have for your self.  If you are still looking at targeting an edtech learning goal for yourself or your classroom, now is the perfect time to try Adobe's Digital School Collection (ADSC) suite! I want to emphasize this week some great success stories in the form of video clips to showcase first-hand how ADSC is making an educational impact with improving visual literacy and multimedia skills sets, 21st century skills, and making learning fun, engaging and motivating for each and every student in your classroom!

Also look and see what other educators are saying about this blog post around the country from Nancy Sharoff:

So what are you waiting for? Take an educational risk this year that is sure to pay off in true educational value, limitless creativity and aid in your own personal and professional technology skill sets!  ***Be sure to also add a reflection to the bottom of this post to enter to win the exclusive ADSC suite.  Your blog reflection is your contest entry and your chances are very, very good! Drawing will take place on January 15th and the winner will be noted on my blog and tweeted out to the world!
ADSC Customer Showcases & Success Stories:  

 Johann Zimmern shares a case study with you from Samsula Elementary School and how Adobe Photoshop Elements helps instructors address multiple learning styles & make subjects more accessible for students (View the Video or Success Stories).  Another Customer Showcase involves the Lincoln Public Schools.  This Nebraska school system blends Adobe technology into K-12 classroom to provide extraordinary learning opportunities for students and families.

ADSC Overview in Video Form

Learn how educators are engaging students in teaching & learning 21st century skills using ADSC tools and resources.  Hear the opinions & experiences of K-12 educators and their students on using the software (View the video on Adobe TV)

Teacher Resources Available on the Adobe Education Exchange

Adobe provides a number of free lesson plans, assessment tips and digital portfolios to help educators incorporate technology through the use of Adobe Digital School Collection software – when teaching about math and science, language arts, history/social studies, and visual and performing arts.  Resources can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange


Keith Schroeder said...

Wow! Some very cool things being done with this software collection. These look like great ways to encourage creativity and collaboration!

Anthony said...

These are really great tools for the younger students, and us too. Very powerful, simple to use, and the industry standard in many of the digital formats. The Adobe sites you link to are a great resource for ideas of ways to implement the programs. Thanks.

Naomi Harm said...

Thanks Anthony for leaving your comments. Would you mind send me your email for following contact information if you the Adobe Suite- thanks!

Naomi Harm
Email: naomi@naomiharm.org

Somnath Brahma said...
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