Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Afternoon Blend- Last Chance To Enter Adobe Digital School Collection Contest

This week we are wrapping up the last blog post of the six week series from the Adobe Digital School Collection (ADSC).  You can enter to win this creative suite by replying to the blog post below and share with us how you are  currently using Adobe tools and resources in your classroom, or share a creative idea of how you would use the ADSC suite in your classroom if you won these digital resources. 

Teacher Resources Available on the Adobe Education Exchange

Adobe also provides a number of free lesson plans, assessment tips and digital portfolios to help educators incorporate technology through the use of Adobe Digital School Collection software – when teaching about math and science, language arts, history/social studies, and visual and performing arts.  Resources can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange
So what are you waiting for? Take an educational risk this year that is sure to pay off in true educational value, limitless creativity and aid in your own personal and professional technology skill sets!  ***Be sure to also add a reflection to the bottom of this post to enter to win the exclusive ADSC suite.  Your blog reflection is your contest entry and your chances are very, very good! Drawing will take place on January 15th and the winner will be noted on my blog and tweeted out to the world! 


Karen said...

I am not using any Adobe products at the moment, besides Acrobat to read PDFs, but I used to use Photoshop Elements. I loved Elements for my 8th grade computer class, but we had a very old version and when we updated to Windows 7, it didn't work anymore. I would love the chance to be able to use Elements again and to explore the uses for Premier. Acrobat X Pro would be an awesome addition as I try to use less and less paper in my classroom!

Platteville High School Library said...

I use Adobe Products extensively with my Yearbook and Newspaper staff, and I use it pretty consistently whenever I am making any sort visual display. I also used it to make Read Posters for nearly 100% of our high school staff.

Kristel said...

I am just starting teaching (I start student teaching on Tuesday!). I plan to use adobe products to create lessons and projects for my classroom.

Ranjit Ram said...

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