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What Have You Done Today To Inspire a Monday Morning Impact?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Just finished an Adobe Connect webinar with Western Wisconsin educational lealders, and as a collective group we made a Monday Morning Impact with sharing best practices of recent conferences we all have attended. Some topics that came to discussion points were addressing technology integration training and how have districts addressed this topic of a mandatory event or should it be included in PLC's.  Other hot topics we addressed included student's perspectives of the teaching and learning environments and the importance of their voice in the learning environment.  When was the last time you posed a question to your students of "How do you learn best?" - or "If you could change three physical attributes in your learning space- what would you include/change and why?" 

These questions always leave me pondering and I wonder "What would students say?"  One thing I know for sure is that the new teaching and learning environments need to include spaces where students can think,can dream, can explore and can curate new knowledge sets and apply their ideas to document student growth- does your space include this? 

I have been dabbling in more and more of the Adobe Digital School Collection products and these tools greatly interest me from an educators stand point to be highly creative and fit into "my learning space".  I find myself getting creatively lost in the element of design and I like this!  I can apply my ideas and can create new visual displays that represent who I am as an educator and can easily contribute to my own professional ePortfolio.  

Have you dabbled in Adobe Acrobat lately?  Did you know you can create an interactive ePortfolio for yourself as a professional but to also extend this learning and highly creative opportunity for your students?  It is amazing- and this can and will empower your students to take ownership into their learning, but to also allow them to be curators of their new knowledge and showcasing it through a digital product.

Are you interested in ePortfolios, assessment, and administrative productivity?  Check out the ePortfolio resources available on the Adobe Education Exchange to see what the possibilities area.  Use these guides to learn how to:  

  • Creating Electronic Portfolios w/ Adobe Acrobat – help students create personalized media-rich electronic portfolios of their coursework
  • Digital Assessment w/ Adobe Acrobat – make use of commenting & reviewing tools to digitally assess coursework
  • Generating Lesson Plans with Adobe Acrobat – streamline lesson planning using PDF forms
  • Streamline Administrative Tasks with Adobe Acrobat – use security, accessibility, data collection, and batch processing tools to take paper-based document processes electronic.

Did you also know that Atomic Learning offers free workshops on Adobe Acrobat X Pro that help you understand the nature & use of ePortfolios while demonstrating how easy it is to personalize them and add media-rich content using Adobe software?  I just found this out and am enjoying the interactive learning environment.  Dig in, join me and share with me through a blogpost reflection your insights and how Adobe Acrobat X can empower student ePortfolios in your classroom or with other fellow educators- would love to hear your thoughts! You will automatically be added into the contest to win the new ADSC tool collection- spread the word- your chances are good!


Here are some other great Adobe Influencers that are "chattin" about the experiences of ADSC as well:

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