Monday, December 12, 2011

Adobe ADSC Continued with Monday Morning Impact Contest

Many of you are aware that I am running an Adobe ADSC (Adobe Digital School Collection) contest on my blog and this is one of many chances to get on this innovating event. This blog post will introduce you to the collection suite and the value added of how it can entice your students with being curators of their own digital designs. For contest rules see below for a chance to win an ADSC suite for your classroom. *Just add your blog reflection following this post to automatically be entered into the contest!

The ADSC is comprised of Adobe Photoshop Elements, a tool to edit and enhance your photos. Adobe Premier, a tool to edit and enhance your videos. Adobe Acrobat X, a tool to create PDF communications, eportfolios, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews.  All of these tools make up a great suite of digital resources to empower your students and you as an educator to create high quality digital products. The tool we will focus on today is Adobe Photoshop Elements and the rich teacher resources to utilize with netbooks in your classroom and quick essential assessment tips.

Let's take a deeper look into Adobe Photoshop Elements through an overview video segment, and all it has to offer. If you are interested in taking it to the next level, tap into the Adobe TV series to advance your skills sets.


Blog Reflection Questions- choose to reflect on- or choose all three. How could you introduce Adobe Photoshop Elements into your classroom practice to make the greatest impact? How can it support visual literacy of all content areas in your classroom? What do you find most rewarding and most challenging with utilizing Adobe Photoshop Elements? 

*** The contest rules are as follows ***

1. Take a moment to read my updated blog post each week on Monday's - noted as "Adobe Monday Morning Impact Series" found at and investigate and dabble in the provided Adobe educational links.
2. Reflect on your learning takeaways through a replied blog post to my Monday morning postings. Your name will be automatically entered each week for each response in our grand finale drawing on January 15th. The winning blogger will be posted on my blog and tweeted out. 
3. Respond to other blog readers through my blog to extend their learning, ask thought provoking questions, pose learning scenarios, and provided guided insight to how you would use the ADSC suite in your classroom or workplace environment. That's it, no strings attached- to share your collective intelligence with others and possibly winning an Adobe multimedia collection to impact your teaching and learning environment with students and/or adult learners. 

4. Enjoy the learning opportunity!

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Naomi Harm said...

Yes, respond here through the comment section to be entered into the Adobe ADSC contest. I look forward to reading and viewing your responces!