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Twitter is My Life Line- What Happens When It Goes Down?

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope the coming year brings you much joy, relaxation, and fundamental enjoyment around the most important events in your life in the coming new year.  One major event I am looking forward to is our oldest son's wedding in the Caribbean in late Spring. I am so proud of him and his beautiful finance Krissy, they are truly meant to be together- and are so very happy. I am also pleased to say that I am very happy in my life- with my family, work and active lifestyle- and can't wait for the new year to bring much inspired new learning to my everyday adventures. 
Much of my inspired educational learning comes from my PLN of Twitter. Today as I launched my browser then Tweetdeck to welcome the morning with familiar Twitter friends- I was faced with the big blue whale- as this is the symbol that Twitter is over capacity. I thought- no worries- refreshed my browser- and relaunched Tweetdeck once again- but it happened again.  I think I cried a little inside at …

Christmas Blend- What Makes You Perk?

Did you know that Starbucks makes a great cup of coffee around the holidays known as their annual Christmas Blend?  It is smooth, robust with a rich bold flavor- with a hint of reindeer they proclaim. You actually feel special to drink this holiday cheer and are willing to spread the good news.  What is it that certain things in life motivate us to want to share our good fortune, share a new learned skill or dabble in to a risk and try something new or just plain makes us perk?
I ponder these questions often and I know it is different for each of us.  What are you going to try new this year to excite your inner passions, to make change and learn a new skill? Why not try jumping into the wonderful world of the Adobe Digital School Tools known as ADSC?
It is so easy to try, just download a 30 day trial of the version of your choice between Adobe Elements, Adobe Premier, Adobe Acrobat X. Watch a preview of what the Adobe tool can do for you through Adobe TV and see how the creation suite …

What Have You Done Today To Inspire a Monday Morning Impact?

Happy Monday Everyone!
Just finished an Adobe Connect webinar with Western Wisconsin educational lealders, and as a collective group we made a Monday Morning Impact with sharing best practices of recent conferences we all have attended. Some topics that came to discussion points were addressing technology integration training and how have districts addressed this topic of a mandatory event or should it be included in PLC's.  Other hot topics we addressed included student's perspectives of the teaching and learning environments and the importance of their voice in the learning environment.  When was the last time you posed a question to your students of "How do you learn best?" - or "If you could change three physical attributes in your learning space- what would you include/change and why?" 
These questions always leave me pondering and I wonder "What would students say?"  One thing I know for sure is that the new teaching and learning environments…

Adobe ADSC Continued with Monday Morning Impact Contest

Many of you are aware that I am running an Adobe ADSC (Adobe Digital School Collection) contest on my blog and this is one of many chances to get on this innovating event. This blog post will introduce you to the collection suite and the value added of how it can entice your students with being curators of their own digital designs. For contest rules see below for a chance to win an ADSC suite for your classroom. *Just add your blog reflection following this post to automatically be entered into the contest!
The ADSC is comprised of Adobe Photoshop Elements, a tool to edit and enhance your photos. Adobe Premier, a tool to edit and enhance your videos. Adobe Acrobat X, a tool to create PDF communications, eportfolios, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews. All of these tools make up a great suite of digital resources to empower your students and you as an educator to create high quality digital products. The tool we will focus on today is Adobe Photoshop Elements and the rich …

Morning Blend: Edublog Awards

I am extremely honored to be nominated this year for an Edublogs lifetime achievement award from several outstanding educators.  It is a humbling experience to note that my professional and personal character influences so many while making a positive learning impact with educational leaders around the nation. Please take a moment to view all the outstanding and wonderful nominees that Edublogs has listed this year and cast your vote in support of their efforts.  Your vote will make a difference to celebrate the new and upcoming curators- and collaborators stepping into this educational journey for the first time of for several years.  This also provides a virtual thank you to this amazing individuals and noting their accomplishments to continue their gallant efforts to make a positive change in education and their sharing of knowledge.
Thanks to all of you for your commitment to education and contributing to the positive change our world and our students needs to see every day! Thanks…

Evening Blend- Adobe Digital School Collection Contest

Adobe Digital School Collection

Greetings Everyone-  Tis' the season to celebrate and enjoy the holidays in the months of December and January. The holidays can bring much holiday cheer for many and some unsuspected surprises as well. I would like to add to that list of unsuspected but pleasant holiday surprises with sharing some unique and new learning opportunities for all of you that will take place over the next 6-8 weeks. 

I have been asked to be part of the Adobe Influencer community with many unique educators this past year. Adobe Influencers include innovative thinkers and designers consisting of administrators, educators and teacher leaders. I must say this is a privilege and honor to learn from a team of forward thinking individuals from around the nation. As part of being an Adobe Influencer, we do have the opportunity to test drive some creative Adobe design tools and share our critical feedback of how we would us these resources to enrich the classroom…