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The Morning Blend- K12 Online Conference

Greetings Everyone,
Have been traveling and presenting quite a bit these past two weeks, and I am finally back home for the Thanksgiving holidays. I especially enjoy this time to be home with my family and enjoy great conversations, delicious food and taking time to relax and reflect on being thankful for all the good things occurring in my life.
I am very thankful for my immediate family, but I also have a greater technology family that is an extension to my personal family.  And this technology family is growing by leaps and bounds.  I want to share the latest news with all of you about a great "Morning Blend" segment to tap into during the holidays over the next three weeks.  It is the annual K12 Online Conference.  This online conference is a FREE professional development opportunity to tap into- and best of all- it meets your busy schedule- yes this true- you have 24/7 access to view any of the uploaded prerecorded sessions from educational technology experts from aro…

The Morning Blend ~ Math Focus

Enjoying that first cup of coffee this morning and wanted to share a few tips and strategies with infusing blended learning into your day, but with a Math focus. A question was posed yesterday from my good friend Jennifer Malphy aka @jmalphy on Twitter and on the WI listserv on how she can support her math teachers instruction with infusing the right type of technology tools and resources into the math classroom. First of all, I commend the Math teacher with collaborating with Jen on this topic, second I like the way the Math teacher is thinking to add "richness" to his class to active new learning in his classroom and thinking outside of the box.  This particular rural WI  school has had training with Google apps  and really dug into the forms and surveys and found great success.  Other readers responded and shared the resource of "Google Sketchup" to support this teachers resource collection. Yes, this is a perfect fit as well.
I guess I was thinking differently w…

The Morning Blend

November is now upon us and the Fall season is in full swing in SE Minnesota. With the changing of the seasons, comes the setting of the clocks back one hour, finalizing last minute Fall cleaning in the Harm household, picking up and making it through a seasonal head-cold, and looking into new innovative and creative ideas to engage my PLN followers of Twitter, the Intel Engage Community and Simplek12.
My focus for the last two remaining months of 2011 will target the theme of "The Morning Blend." I, like many others, enjoy a good cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee to start my day, read through my RSS feeds, Twitter posts and Intel Engage Community updates and global shares of many resources. This is when I am at the top of my game and most refreshed to jump-start my learning for the day.
So my thought was...... why not start a morning ritual of "The Morning Blend" to share out a unique resource for the day beyond my Twitter PLN,  and note how it contributes…