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Fall is a Time For Giving Back

Fall is a time for giving back
Today is October 1st.  The Fall season is upon us in the Midwest of the USA and this is my favorite time of year.  I enjoy the beautiful Fall colors of the crimson rose, burnt orange and honeycrisp yellows from the changing colors of the leaves that surround us.

With the changing of the seasons comes a changing of professional gears for me- as this is my time of year to give back in another fashion. Each Fall I put together a large collection of grant listings for educators to dig into to see if they can unveil or write for some technology gems for their classroom- which you will find attached to this post.  Some of the grants are just a one page proposal where others will take much more time and dedication to write a grant narrative of many pages.  Either way- it can be a wonderful technology Fall challenge and a reward at the same time time to find some hidden treasures to supplement your classroom with technology resources and tools.
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