Saturday, September 10, 2011

Innovative Educator Technology Academy Final Reflections

The Innovative Educator has been a whirlwind of an event!  Great collaborative conversations about educational technology, administrative leadership, QR Code scavenger hunts, technology tools and gadgets, and planning of next steps of implementation within the K12 teaching and learning environment.

To add to all of this excitement. Kyle Pace was our midweek afternoon keynote virtual presenter through Skype.  Kyle shared a robust and positive message on the importance of PLN's social networks and being 21st century curators of knowledge and resources.  He truly inspired  our technology academy attendees! Here is a quote from one of our attendees reflections to showcase the immediate connections made and putting the "walk the talk" into practice----

"What was your greatest learning takeaway during the Innovative Educator Technology Academy and why?"

"I discovered and learned many new things from this academy, from practical technology shortcuts to best practices to implement technology as  a tool for learning.  One thing that caused me to have an "aha" moment was when Kyle Pace urged us to "share.... and to keep on sharing to the point of being annoying."  I decided that this is going to be my goal for 2011-2012 school year, to be educationally annoying! I have a lot of 2.0 tools, apps, shortcuts, tools/devices and best practices that I want to share with others. The great thing is that I do not have to do it alone.  By developing my PLN, I can receive ideas and support along the way all year long!"  M. Hundt, West Salem School District, West Salem, WI.

To build upon and support this great reflection that Mary has shared with us, Simplek12 also supported our academy with providing a year long subscription for each our our attendees.  What a perfect tie into to support and build our community of learners all year long.  This $300 value per attendee brought a huge round of applause, when Kyle Pace made the formal announcement at the conclusion of his keynote presentation.  It felt like we had an 'Oprah" day all around and it kept just getting better!

 So by the time the afternoon rolled around, we had another great opportunity for our administrators and 21st century educators, Tim Falberg, WI K12 Livescribe came in and introduced and gifted the technology tool of a smart pen to each attendee.  Tim provided a bried 30 minute overview of how and why the Livescribe pen can be utilized as an assessment and creation tool for educators and students.  It was truly an amazing event and left the educators in attendance awe struck and inspired.  

That was the ultimate goal of the Innovative Educator Technology Academy to leave each educator and administrator awe-struck, inspired and empowered to make immediate and positive change in each of their school districts to impact student learning. I feel we have done a truly innovative job this year with our team of presenters offering high quality professional development during every single session of our technology academy, and can't wait for next summer to roll out a new round of offerings to meet the immediate needs of our western WI superstar educators and administrators!

"Sharing and collaborating with others is the "connectivity" to making technology work for me!"  M. Hundt, West Salem School District, West Salem, WI.

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