Thursday, July 28, 2011

Global Literacy Awareness with The World Guy

Finally catching my breath once again, after being gone for many days once again traveling and training with iPad technologies with districts around the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  As many of you know, after being gone from one's home for days at a time, there is much catch up work to be done from a personal and professional perspective.
I feel I had much success today with connecting with Stephanie from Iowa-Grant school district this morning to add closure of our planning for my upcoming keynote in their school district the end of August, and then going through a video, content connection test for my upcoming global webinars for the Global Literacy RSCO3 Conference this weekend at 9:30AM Central Time on Saturday, July 30th.  So much to do so little time, but I am finding positive balance in the meantime and am happy!

After my testing session was concluded this morning, I had to run a few errands to pick up technology academy goodies for our August Innovative Educator Technology Academy. I made the trek to LaCrescent, MN to pick up our screen-printed drypack tech bags to get one more item checked off my list. As I traveled to town on Hwy 26 I came across a man, his dog and a large rolling globe- yes this is correct a large rolling globe.  Naturally, I slowed down and was curious of what this was all about. Ah- ha- I know- this is the gentleman "Erik" that is walking across our beautiful 48 states to raise awareness and funding for diabetes through a nonprofit organization known as "The World Guy".(I knew about Erik's adventures from an earlier news broadcast from a few months past). I pulled off to the side and stopped to talk to him for a quick moment, and could tell he was tired and wet from the recent rain fall, even from the day before.

I let him continue on his journey and as cars were approaching, I too needed to get going and wanted him to be safe as well.  I continued on my route to pick up our technology dry pack bags at Thorson's Graphics in LaCrescent, MN and continued to have the "globe conversation" with Summer the owner of the graphic design company.  I was excited to share with her my encounter with Erik and his cause to raise awareness and funding for diabetes. Just our brief conversation caused her to have instant goosebumps about the positive impact Erik is making. 

As I left with my box of goods, and by the way they turned our fabulous! it came to me....I have a few extra drypacks of technology bags I can spare and I am sure it may help Erik in his travels.  So I continued back home knowing that most likely he would still be en-route on Hwy 26, since it had only been 30 minutes from the last time I saw him. Sure enough, I came upon EriK just prior to the Root River bridge. I stopped and pulled over and stole a few more minutes of his time to thank him for his efforts and asked if I could provide him a drypack tech bag to use in his travels.  He was gracious enough to accept my gift and willing to use it in his travels and let me take a photo, but my cell phone was not cooperating very well (photo from Once a Chef: diabetes awareness month blogpost.) I know the drypack tech bag it was not much, but thought this may assist his efforts in some small way.
On the bag was also listed my blog site and I told him I would blog and tweet about his journey, so as to share this educational story with others.  He noted to me that he is also blogging his journey and shared is website with me at The World Guy I found it so fascinating that he is sharing his personal reflections and traveling experiences with the entire world to raise awareness about diabetes!

The final message I shared with him was personally thanking him for sharing his educational journey with all of us. What he is doing for all of us is promoting a positive global and healthy literacy awareness for all of children and community members even within our small rural community in South East Minnesota. It is so important for our children of today to understand their "real-world" in a "real-world context" and this is exactly what Erik is showcasing.

Thank you Erik for changing my health and global literacy perspective awareness on life today.  You made a positive impression upon me to share and spread your wealth of your knowledge and passion for living with others! I appreciate you and your positive ways to make change with global diabetes awareness!

Best of luck and safe travels to you and "Nice" your dog!

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