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Global Literacy Awareness with The World Guy

Finally catching my breath once again, after being gone for many days once again traveling and training with iPad technologies with districts around the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  As many of you know, after being gone from one's home for days at a time, there is much catch up work to be done from a personal and professional perspective. I feel I had much success today with connecting with Stephanie from Iowa-Grant school district this morning to add closure of our planning for my upcoming keynote in their school district the end of August, and then going through a video, content connection test for my upcoming global webinars for the Global Literacy RSCO3 Conference this weekend at 9:30AM Central Time on Saturday, July 30th.  So much to do so little time, but I am finding positive balance in the meantime and am happy!
After my testing session was concluded this morning, I had to run a few errands to pick up technology academy goodies for our August Innovative…

School Net ICT South Africa Conference Reflections

Life has been quite crazy for me over the last three weeks delivering  21st Century Skills Institute in northern WI, to attending and presenting at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia, and this past week presenting a keynote and five hands-on technology workshops at the School Net South Africa ICT Conference.  So here is a recap of the exciting events over the past three weeks........
21st Century Skills Institute in northern Wisconsin for administrators and K-12 educators. What a fun packed week focusing on integrating 21st century skills, web 2.0 literacy tools and resources into teacher created digital projects.  It was great to see how this week inspired educators to take risks, improve their technology literacy skills, and transform their instructional delivery with the integration of technology infused lesson.  I at times had more fun than the participants I believe watching and listening to the energy in the room and through their product presentations.
ISTE 2011 in Philedelphia, PA The la…