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A Lesson Learned and A Lesson Taught

I just returned home from the WASB 2011 School Board Convention.  It was great to meet up and network with colleagues, superintendents and school board members from Wisconsin. I had an opportunity to present on the focused topic of 21st century educators and blended learning environments. My session was very well attended, and I provided an environment with many facets of learning through a TodaysMeet back channel chat, Twitter stream!/search/wasb2011 , think-pair-share activities with attendees, Q and A, and a presentation with strong visual and video literacy to engage the participants to make immediate connections to the content presented.
It is always interesting to present at School Board conventions because there are literally many variations of learning styles and mindsets between the generations of learners in the room at a given time. My audience ranged from 75 year old school board members to 35+ year old superintendent and…