Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspired and Transformed

I recently attended and presented at the the ISTE 2010 national educational technology conference in Denver, CO where great global minds come together to communicate, network and share collaborative best best practices and teaching strategies.  It has been one of the most powerful and positive conferences I have been to where I am inspired and transformed personally and professionally. It is a conference that promotes active listening, self-directed learning, critical thinking and problem solving.  It challenges my mind-set to think outside, around and to leap over the box to strategically craft new solutions addressing our educational system and instruction delivery approaches with students, educators and administrators.

I was introduced to the following "We are the people we’ve been waiting for" video from Andrew Churches from New Zealand showcasing the significance and importance that we do need to NOW address the immediate diverse  learning styles and needs of our students as an utmost priority to support a robust 21st century skills education. Please view and see if this video will make an impact and a new change with your teaching style and delivery to find a solution of engaging and motivating ALL your students and their learning needs and challenges this next year.

I am also very proud to announce that I won an "Inspiring Educator" award this year. A fabulous reception was held in my honor along with 19 other national educators on Monday evening of the ISTE 2010 Conference.  It was a huge celebration for all of us and it was a thrill of a lifetime to be honored for doing what I love to do every day! I contribute my success to the positive and inspiring individuals and educators I surround myself on a daily basis with, and of course my online PLN's (Professional Learning Network).  

 My PLN of Twitter has been my greatest online professional development venue of a lifetime!  It is a robust virtual "brain candy" store where I can pick and choose my "flavor" of instructional content knowledge, inquisitive question techniques, and digital repositories of showcasing of best practices from inspiring videos, engaging podcasts,  unique websites, and personal and professional immediate interactions with educators from around the world to address my immediate learning needs.  I am truly blessed and thankful to have received this award and am honored to be associated with all of you to have made this possible.  Thanks to all of you and for all you do to make me the innovative educator of who I am today!

I also had the opportunity to  share my expertise with educational podcasting and vodcasting in the Intel Education podcasting booth this year.  I met many phenomenal educators and students who wanted to share their stories about the highlights and scenes from ISTE 2010 and the Intel Teach program.  I have added a collection of Ustream live and unaltered video clips for your review through the Ustream link below to get a flavor of what it was like to be on the ground floor in the exhibit area interviewing this noteworthy individuals.

*Please note:  Vodcasts from ISTE 2010 and Intel Teach will be published and showcased when the video editing is finished to have a polished digital product of these exemplary interviews on my blog and within the Intel Engage Community at

Thanks everyone for inspiring me to make a positive difference in this magnificent educational world we live in today, tomorrow and in future!