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2011 New Year Updates: Change is Good!

Taking a Break!  I have taken a break from mid December until now to focus on my immediate family and set the tech aside to take a break from work.  We all need a break and to make sure we find the appropriate balance between family life and work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As the new year is fast approaching, I always look for ways to make positive changes in my life professionally and personally.  I am excited to share with you some of these changes that will make a lasting impact with my ed tech consulting company this year.

My Business is Growing!  I have had so many wonderful opportunities this year to offer face-to-face, blended and online professional development, that at times I could not keep up with the demands and had to turn away many job offerings.  Because of this demand, I am now hiring 4 part-time ed tech consultants to assist my efforts with replicating my already created tech infused trainings throughout the MidWest.  The individuals I am hiring are educators who have all been in the education world for over 15+ years, most have master degrees and beyond, and these unique individuals really "get-it" when it comes to supporting a 21st century teaching and learning environment infused with ISTE NETS and solid technology integration presence  to enhance student learning.

New 2011 Coursework!  My "Innovative Educator 2.0" team of consultants will replicate trainings I have already created and deliver them as face-to-face and  blended learning coursework opportunities with graduate credit options.  They will also build their own workshops within a specialty content area that they are already experts in or certification area, and based on the immediate training needs within the region they are covering.  Here is a sneak peak of some of our upcoming 2011 workshops and professional development services that will be in addition to my existing workshop and keynote services.
  • 21st Century Skills and Assessment for Today's 21st Century Educator
  • Capture the Moment with Free Online Audio and Video Tools to Tell Your Story, Enhance Your Instruction and Motivate Your Students
  • Let the Journey Begin: Utilizing iPads in your Inquiry-Based Classroom
  • Teaching and Learning with eReaders to Promote Research and information Fluency
  • Maximizing Your 1:1 Learning Environment with Netbooks and Tablet Computing
  • Hit The Ground Running with Computers 101
  • Social Media to the Rescue in a Web 2.0 World
  • Android My World: Yes, I Can Build an Educational App For That!
  • Breaking the QRCode with Cell Phone Technologies
  • The Art of Online Facilitation Supported with Hyflex and Blended Learning Portals
  • Kaleidoscope of Learning: K-12 Global Collaboration and Virtual Video Field Trips  
  • Up, Up and Away- Cloud Computing and Beyond
  • Google My Way
  • Windows Live Will Rock Your World
  • STEM Digital Toolbox to Inspire Student Learning and Optimize Career Choices
  • And much, much more supporting admin leadership, 21st century skills, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, ELL  and special needs!
All workshops will be supported with current research and we will also be incorporating the "7 Things You Should Know About" articles found on the Educause website to support our training initiatives, along with a working action plan graphic organizer.  The action plan will ensure participants will apply and implement their new learned skill sets into their immediate teaching practice to make a "Monday Morning Impact.

I believe my business model has been so successful because my vision has always been to create meaningful and collaborative learning opportunities to make immediate and positive change within a district or school. From the first point of face-to-face contact of negotiating a service contract to the closing and culminating activity of a workshop training- every learning opportunity is collaborative in nature by welcoming everyone to the table to have equal ownership and a voice in the professional development  experience. Sustainability, total cost of ownership (TOC), and student and teacher tech literacy outcomes are the essential action planning indicators that I target and address to meet the PD planning needs of PreK-16 schools and universities.

In closing- this recent TED video has inspired me to continue to grow my Innovative Educator 2.0 ed tech company to the next level, and reinforces my foreword thinking vision of why women are so important to transform technology leadership in the 21st century.


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