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Where Are All The Craftsmen?

I would like to share with you some personal and professional insight on a deeper look on 21st century student career outlooks on life.  My 15 year old son Jacob has been actively involved in a year long study of careers at his Houston High High.  This past month he had an opportunity to participate in a job shadow opportunity of his choice, and to experience first hand a career interest or skill set he would like to further pursue or investigate.  Now to understand this background history of where I am going with this blog post- is I need to introduce you to our youngest son first.  I call him "my unique" son- unique meaning how Jacob verbally expresses himself to share his knowledge with others, has a unique sense of humor and how he does not want to conform, follow or fit in with the "in crowd."  He wants to make his own individual claim in life, think for himself and learn from others and at time lead others, make sound decisions based on his past and present c…