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Emerging Tech for Students

This week I am preparing for another Future Technology Conference presentation at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI on May 10th. This year's presentation will focus on "Emerging Technologies for Students to Transform Teaching and Learning."  This new presentation idea originated from the  inspiring 2010 Horizon Report findings and working with k-12 students this past year.  I have been actively listening and observing how students and teachers are consuming and producing information as self-directed learners, and my bystander and facilitation insights have left me in awe this past year.  A few of the tools below and many others will be showcased in my spotlight session at FTC.

Now- Cloud Computing and Collaborative Environments The Horizon Report is accurate in stating that the k-12 sector is actively tapping into and utilizing "cloud computing" environments.  As outlined in the report, cloud computing “can offer significant cost savings in terms of IT support, s…