Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Word Cloud Makers Are Here

After hearing about the news that Wordle is currently in limbo of being relaunched for live creation purposes again, I took it upon myself to "Tweet" about the alternative tools I use for creating and designing word clouds in the K-16 classroom setting.  I too, was very happy with Wordle, but it is amazing how many choices we have to tap into with other web 2.0 literacy tools that can accomplish the same job, and even sometimes better!

Here is my essential "Word Cloud" free list to support your instructional technology efforts to promote and flourish literacy in your classroom to generate unique student and educator projects.

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Visual Thesaurus Vocab Grabber:
Word It Out: 
Word Sift: 


Linda Joiner said...

Thanks - this is great info to pass along! I appreciate all you do!

Vanessa Cassie said...

Thanks for the awesome links! I really like the Image Chef one!

Mai Lân said...
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