Thursday, January 14, 2010

Professional Learning Networks

I just finished presenting an online webinar with ISTE on the topic of PLN's titled "Building and Growing Your Own Professional Learning Network" These types of presentations empower me always to give back to our community of learners. I always find it amazing how educators ask why do you want to use a Blog, Wiki, Ning or Twitter to share your knowledge and expertise- isn't that so impersonal they ask?  I beg to differ- it is all about building relationships and connecting with others that have the same passions and love for learning as you and I do.  It is also about collaborating and sharing new knowledge with others, asking questions in a safe environment and receiving quality responses and solutions, where you might not find otherwise. 

As stated from my last Twitter online help request of: "How would you define your PLN in a quote" According to @anncarnevale "It is the largest teachers lounge around, filled with the best educational professionals, which you get to select and interact with on a 24/7 basis" and according to David Kapuler @dkapuler "It's the fuel that drives my passion for technology...after all it led me to people like you"  These individuals here clearly reflect on the importance of community and collaboration, and wanting to do their very best in education to make a difference! Thanks to my PLN Twitter community for supporting my educational endeavors everyday.  Without them, I would not be where I am today in my career!

Giving back to the community is huge for me, so today I am promoting a new educational literacy site to promote the love for reading.  Nick Glass is the Founder & Principal of Teaching Books. This marvelous site provides a time-saving portal to thousands of online resources you can use to explore children's and young adult books and their authors.It also provides immediate access to useful materials and exciting programs (short movies, audio book readings, book discussion guides, and more) that add a multimedia dimension to reading in the classroom, library, and home.

The latest addition includes Coretta Scott King Book Award Online Curriculum Resource Center—a free, multimedia, online database for educators and families featuring more than 250 original recordings with award-winning authors and illustrators and hundreds of lesson plans. It is a great reading resource as teachers, librarians, and families plan for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month.

The resource center includes more than nine hours of originally produced audio with Coretta Scott King Book Award (CSK) authors and illustrators talking about their books in two- to three-minute clips. Searches can be executed by author, illustrator, title, grade level, and curriculum area, as well as by the year or specific Coretta Scott King Book Award citation.

In addition to free, online primary source materials (audio recordings and book readings), the collection features hundreds of lesson plans and original movies filmed in the studios of some of the award-winning authors and illustrators.

Thanks to Teaching Books for "giving back" to our PLN community and providing quality FREE resources for our students and educators!

Naomi Harm


teachingbooks said...

Thanks Naomi, for your amazing post and words about and the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Curriculum Resource Center. It was so fun to work on this online resource and so wonderful to know it is being used and enjoyed by educators and students. I think Maya Angelou's audio is one of my top favorites -- her laugh is priceless.

Thanks again for your post! I really like the concept of PLNs!

Danika Brubaker -- Web 2.0 Content Producer,

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