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2011 New Year Updates: Change is Good!

Taking a Break!  I have taken a break from mid December until now to focus on my immediate family and set the tech aside to take a break from work.  We all need a break and to make sure we find the appropriate balance between family life and work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As the new year is fast approaching, I always look for ways to make positive changes in my life professionally and personally.  I am excited to share with you some of these changes that will make a lasting impact with my ed tech consulting company this year.
My Business is Growing!  I have had so many wonderful opportunities this year to offer face-to-face, blended and online professional development, that at times I could not keep up with the demands and had to turn away many job offerings.  Because of this demand, I am now hiring 4 part-time ed tech consultants to assist my efforts with replicating my already created tech infused trainings throughout the MidWest.  The individuals I am hiring are educators wh…

2010 Edublog Nominations

Yes, it is that time of year again when Edubloggers from around the world make their ultimate selections for the Annual Edublog Awards. The awards are a great way to find new educational blogs to follow and post to, and unique Twitterers to follow who share the best Tweets- and a multitude of innovative resources to discover.
Every day is an educational journey in the day and life of an Educational Blogger or an avid Twitterer. It is always difficult to nominate one particular individual for each specific category. There are so many creative people and insightful educators to choose from now, since we are so connected through our PLN's. I am going to give it my best shot to share my award nominations of the individuals that most influence my life, my professional development opportunities, my technical support and my educational leadership shared-vision. (Please note: more individual comments for each nomination will be posted by tomorrow).
Best individual blog: Jane Hart "Jan…

Fall is a Time for Giving Back to the Online Community of Educators

Fall is my favorite time of year and it is a time for giving back to the online community.  Every Spring and Fall I try to create a comprehensive list of grant opportunities for educators.  This grant list is my way to give back to the online community of educators who help me everyday, but to also assist your efforts to make it through the school year with a few more golden opportunities and resources for your students.  Here is once again the golden ticket of grant resources to share with all of you.  Please share and distribute with your educational staff and good luck with writing and applying for some of the unique educational grant opportunities!

Open publication - Free publishing - More grants

Changing of the Seasons Brings Changes for the Professional Journey

The beautiful Fall season is upon us and November has brought some of the most beautiful sights and scenes of the year in Brownsville, MN. This is the time of year that over 30,000 tundra swans, snow geese, wood ducks and mallards are enroute on their migration journey to the south. We are very fortunate that our home location is right on the path of their dedicated migration route. These beautiful creatures stop over to "rest and refuel" in the newly created protective habitat area- before they take off to endure another 1500 miles of their journey.
Here are some photos and video clips of these magnificent birds.

With the changing of the seasons brings changes for my professional Innovative Educator Consulting business. The past year I have hired a administrative assistant, the one and only Miss Kim Berg. I was so fortunate to hire her, and the best part is- I have known Kim for over 8 years, because she was my program assistant I originally hired at my past technology direc…

The Power of Collective Intelligence Part 2

On Friday I will be presenting and facilitating at Arrowhead Union High School District in Hartland, Wisconsin.  Many 21st century assessment topics and web 2.0 literacy tools will be introduced to engage and motivate educators and students, while identifying key student outcomes matched with the right learning tools to document student and educator technology proficiency.  One of the tools that I will introduce to this school district is Wiffitti:  a unique and powerful mobile backchannel chat to capture the learning essence of the day's events and hands-on technology sessions throughout the school building in multiple sessions at one time. This backchannel chat will provide the opportunity to showcase the "the power of collective intelligence" within a school district environment, but also note how- and when others are invited in from outside the "bricks and sticks" of the school walls, the global literacy perspective of the virtual world …

The Power of Collective Intelligence

Greetings Educator Friends!

It has been a while since my last post due to all of the exciting educational technology trainings, technology keynotes, thousands of miles of travel over the last few months. By the end of my training days, I am up at night designing, revamping and preparing for the next week’s presentation and trying to get at least 5 hours of sleep in there somewhere. I make sure to make the most of my down time- when there is in the evenings- connecting with husband and children and plan for meaningful family outings with a "mental break" from the technology.

I realize some of you have stated “Naomi, where are you? I have not seen an updated post from you since early summer and miss reading your new technology findings and current practices of implementation.” I am sorry for falling behind on my blog post to my followers, but needed to find a balance over this past summer to make the most of my downtime with family when possible when I was on the road so much- …

Inspired and Transformed

I recently attended and presented at the the ISTE 2010 national educational technology conference in Denver, CO where great global minds come together to communicate, network and share collaborative best best practices and teaching strategies.  It has been one of the most powerful and positive conferences I have been to where I am inspired and transformed personally and professionally. It is a conference that promotes active listening, self-directed learning, critical thinking and problem solving.  It challenges my mind-set to think outside, around and to leap over the box to strategically craft new solutions addressing our educational system and instruction delivery approaches with students, educators and administrators.
I was introduced to the following "We are the people we’ve been waiting for" video from Andrew Churches from New Zealand showcasing the significance and importance that we do need to NOW address the immediate diverse  learning …

Where Are All The Craftsmen?

I would like to share with you some personal and professional insight on a deeper look on 21st century student career outlooks on life.  My 15 year old son Jacob has been actively involved in a year long study of careers at his Houston High High.  This past month he had an opportunity to participate in a job shadow opportunity of his choice, and to experience first hand a career interest or skill set he would like to further pursue or investigate.  Now to understand this background history of where I am going with this blog post- is I need to introduce you to our youngest son first.  I call him "my unique" son- unique meaning how Jacob verbally expresses himself to share his knowledge with others, has a unique sense of humor and how he does not want to conform, follow or fit in with the "in crowd."  He wants to make his own individual claim in life, think for himself and learn from others and at time lead others, make sound decisions based on his past and present c…

Emerging Tech for Students

This week I am preparing for another Future Technology Conference presentation at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI on May 10th. This year's presentation will focus on "Emerging Technologies for Students to Transform Teaching and Learning."  This new presentation idea originated from the  inspiring 2010 Horizon Report findings and working with k-12 students this past year.  I have been actively listening and observing how students and teachers are consuming and producing information as self-directed learners, and my bystander and facilitation insights have left me in awe this past year.  A few of the tools below and many others will be showcased in my spotlight session at FTC.

Now- Cloud Computing and Collaborative Environments The Horizon Report is accurate in stating that the k-12 sector is actively tapping into and utilizing "cloud computing" environments.  As outlined in the report, cloud computing “can offer significant cost savings in terms of IT support, s…

Innovative Think Tank: Tech Forum

This week I am attending the Midwest Tech Forum in Itasca, IL and the best three word "memoir" I can provide for this conference is "Innovative Think Tank." The beginning keynote offered insight and provided background knowledge on how to "identify what leaders at all levels can and must do to assure colleagues and communities have the necessary resources, sustained support, and lasting motivation to provide students with the knowledge and skills to compete and collaborate in the coming decades." This keynote preso challenged me to think and reflect how can Midwest schools and educational leaders take the next step in being proactive, instead of reactive of how to leverage the digital landscape as a dynamic learning space, instead of digital threat of how the tools and resources are used as a negative social networking playground. As a closing to the keynote presenter, we were all challenged by this question to allow us to be more reflective in our past, …

Web 2.0 and 1:1 Implementation

I had the privilege and opportunity to present at WEMTA 2010 this year as a spotlight presenter. The 2 1/2 hour hands-on session was of course one of my favorites which was titled: Transforming Your Classroom Instruction with Web 2.0 Literacy Tools." David Kapuler  co-facilitated with me- so it was wonderful to have another instructor as a "dynamic duo" to share our best of the best resources and showcase how to introduce these tools to students to create a final product meeting the ISTE NETS in the k-12 classroom.  Lots of conversation with participants and WEMTA attendees have taken place before, during and after this conference, which has kept this topic on the forefront of education in Wisconsin.
I am really impressed with the motivation and dedication that some Wisconsin educators showcase to stay current with technology integration, and to change and enhance their teaching and learning environments.  Ultimately it is a win-win situation for the school…

Word Cloud Makers Are Here

After hearing about the news that Wordle is currently in limbo of being relaunched for live creation purposes again, I took it upon myself to "Tweet" about the alternative tools I use for creating and designing word clouds in the K-16 classroom setting.  I too, was very happy with Wordle, but it is amazing how many choices we have to tap into with other web 2.0 literacy tools that can accomplish the same job, and even sometimes better!
Here is my essential "Word Cloud" free list to support your instructional technology efforts to promote and flourish literacy in your classroom to generate unique student and educator projects.

ABC Word Clouds: Image Chef: Lexipedia: Photo Widget Cloud Maker: Quintura  Tag Crowd: Tag Galaxy: http://ta…

Be Remarkable ~ Be A Leader

Isn't it amazing how time flies?  It has almost been one year since I have started my new educational journey as an ed tech consultant and national/international keynote presenter.  All I can say is that it has been the best year of my life!  I have had the opportunity to "be remarkable" as an inspirational technology leader in my field of study this past year, but this success is due to all the wonderful and admirable individuals I work with on a daily basis- these individuals are YOU! By your contributions to education and by your uplifting stories from the trenches in the classroom or withn your administrative role, you have motivated me to challenge myself this year to be an extraordinary leader.  
All of YOU have assisted in the transformation of my individual self-worth and dedication to the  positive impacts on our 21st century world of education. With this educational empowerment has come the positive change within me to create, to innovate and to deliver renewed …

Professional Learning Networks

I just finished presenting an online webinar with ISTE on the topic of PLN's titled "Building and Growing Your Own Professional Learning Network" These types of presentations empower me always to give back to our community of learners. I always find it amazing how educators ask why do you want to use a Blog, Wiki, Ning or Twitter to share your knowledge and expertise- isn't that so impersonal they ask?  I beg to differ- it is all about building relationships and connecting with others that have the same passions and love for learning as you and I do.  It is also about collaborating and sharing new knowledge with others, asking questions in a safe environment and receiving quality responses and solutions, where you might not find otherwise. 

As stated from my last Twitter online help request of: "How would you define your PLN in a quote" According to @anncarnevale "It is the largest teachers lounge around, filled with the best educational professionals, …