Sunday, December 20, 2009

21st Century Skills Reflections

These past two weeks I have been traveling around the beautiful state of Wisconsin and presenting on the topic of 21st Century skills, 21st century teaching and learning environments, and project-based learning.  It amazes me how school districts are still struggling with moving forward into the 21st century when we are actual already here in the 21st century.  The discussion on the table is "How do we prepare our educators and teaching and learning environments to be infused with 21st century curriculum, instruction and assessment practices, while being supported with the appropriate 21st century digital literacy tools?"

The school districts I am working with are asking the right questions to move forward and to make these changes while involving key stakeholders and constituents. They are also extensively researching and reviewing best practice content documents first before investing or spending dollars foolishly in a vast array of "new tools." They are on the right track, but just need the continued guidance, facilitation and know how to make the needed change in their districts.

Resources I have shared to assist district leaders with building a culture around 21st century skills and themes, 21st century literacy and 21st century fluency include: