Monday, March 30, 2009

Smartboard Training at the University Level

This week I will be offering Smartboard trainings to our local universities. I have put together a link list of "adult learner" content sites that professors and instructional trainers can easily use with their college students to enrich their curriculum offerings. This is just a "starter list" and I will continue to add to this list as resources are found and shared from others from around the world. Thanks to my social network of Twitter friends for the development of the Smartboard resources as a true global team!

All Content Areas and Research Support Articles
Academic Earth
Activities for ESL Students
Becta: Harnessing School Technology: Schools Survey 2008
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Hippo Campus
Improving Student Learning Outcomes
Interactive Whiteboards Pedagogy's and Pupil Performance Evaluation
Is Higher Ed Technology Keeping up with Student Demands Article
Learning Zone
Merlot- Multimedia Educational Resources
Open Education
Open Educational Resources
Open Learn
Open Yale Courses
Review of Classroom Case Studies and Literature
Teaching, Learning and Technology in Higer Education
The Futures Channel
The Use of an Interactive Whiteboard in Promoting Teaching and Learning
Wisc-Online Learning Objects

Audio and Video Learning
Academic Earth
Atomic Learning
College of Exploration
Free Global Learning Experience
Learn Out Loud
Project Explorer
Research Channel Video Library
Snag Films
Wild Earth.TV

Art and Visual Art Image Tools
Draw Anywhere
Google Sketchup
Sculpt Paint
Web Gallery of Art
Yale Art Gallery

Geography/Social Studies/History
Flash Earth
Geo Hive- Global Stats
History Globe- Jamestown Adventures
History Matters
Journey's in Film
Learning Page- Library of Congress
PBS Teachers
Social Studies Online
Rome Reborn

Language Arts/Writing/Graphic Organizers
100 Free Ivey League Courses
Digital Storytelling
e-Book Directory
Eduplace Organizers
Explora Tree
Flat World Knowldege Books
Free Rice English Vocabulary
Google Lit Trips
Grammer Bytes
Language Project
Lovely Charts
Mind Meister
Noodle Tools
Picturing Words
Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Read Write Think
UDL Book Builder
Visual Dictionary

Analyze Math
e-Tutor Calculator
Explore Learning
Learning Wave
Math Physics
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Multimedia Webased Tools
280 Slides

Jam Glue
Music and Technology
Music Theory
Sound Snap

3D Brain
Amusement Park Physics
Animal Diversity
Cell Biology Animation
Computational Science
Earth Sciences
Electric Heart
Explore Learning
How Stuff Works
Interactive Cells
Interactive Genetics
Make Your Research Known - SciVee TV
Molecular Expressions
Multimedia Biology
Phet- Interactive Simulations
The Inner Body
Science Courseware
Tech Topics
UK Flash Activities
Web Elements
Windows to the Universe
World Wide Telescope

Smartboard Specific Resources
Delicious Smartboard Links
Get Connected- Tech Connect with Smartboards Video
Google Smartboard Groups
Lesson Planet
Ideas to Inspire Smart Technology Learning
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Scholastic Smartboard Lessons
Smartboard Forum
Smartboard Lessons
Smartboard Lessons 2
Smartboard Part 1
Smartboard Podcasts
Smartboard Revolution Ning
Smartboard Revolution Ning Higher Ed
Smartboards for Live Blogging
Smart Technology Websites
The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution
Think Bank

Web 2.0
Big Huge Labs
Brain Flips
Cool Tools for Schools
Save the Words
Today's Meet Back Channel
Top 100 Education Blogs
Voice Thread
Web 2.0 That Works
Web Tools 4 You 2 Use

Be Funky
Imagination Cubed
Jigsaw Planet
Toon Do

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Technology Integration Courses Designed

Happy Weekend Everyone! I am in the process of designing many new technology integration workshops and graduate level courses, and would like to share with you a sneak peek of some of the new titles. I am working with several universities to offer these course as blended online learning opportunities for graduate credit as well. Let me know what you think, and please offer your constructive feedback and your insight to improve this course work as I continue on this educational journey.

*PLN: Building and Growing Your Own Professional Learning Network

*Teaching and Learning in a Flat Classroom
*Web 2.0 Literacy Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning
*Be Seen ~ Be Heard: Educational Podcasting for the K-12 Environment
*Digital Storytelling in the K-12 Classroom
*Global Collaboration Projects: Open the Door to New Friends from Faraway Places
*Inspired Technology Leadership: Cultivating a Shared Vision for K-12 Schools
*Transforming Teaching and Learning with Smartboard Technologies
*Starting the Conversation: Social Networking to Enhance Communication
*Social Networking Workshop for Parents
*Entice the Masses: Back Channel Your Audience to Improve Instruction
*Google Tools for Schools
*Creating a 21st Century Teaching and Learning e-Portfolio
*Technology For a Click and Go World
*Get Your Groove On! Music and Educational Technology to Empower Student Learning

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Career Change

Greetings everyone! With the changing of the seasons also comes a new career change for me ~ Naomi Harm. I am now an independent educational technology consultant expanding my vision for inspired technology leadership ~ transform teaching and learning in the k-16 world. This new educational journey is taking me to new and exciting places where I can share my expertise to a global audience, and collaborate with others to learn from their best practices as well. This will be an adventure of a lifetime, while transforming the new digital landscape for 21st century education.

With the doorway now open, I have been approached by many educational organizations to assist them with their strategic planning efforts for 21st century technology leadership and shared visioning practices. Of the most recent opportunities, is I have accepted to be a keynote and sectional presenters the the National ICT Classroom Conference in South Africa in September '09. I will keep all of you posted on this adventurous and exciting teaching and learning opportunity. Also I will be speaking at the WiscNet "Future Technologies Conference" FTC in Madison, WI on May 6. My presentation will focus on how Web 2.0 literacy tools can transform teaching and learning environment, and how these tools are utilized around the world by teachers and students to meet 21st century skills, technology proficiencies and content and technology literacy standards. This is an innovative- forward thinking- state conference where leaders attend to gain new skill sets and best practices of how information and technology are transforming the educational learning environment for all.

If you are interested in more information on attending this conference or keynote and session presentations please visit their website at WiscNet or contact my favorite two people in the world John Pederson or Maddy Covelli at for orgnaizing the 2009 FTC conference.

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