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Access, Equity and Resources

I just finished reviewing and summarizing technology planning data results collected from k-12 students from a rural school district in the MidWest. It is amazing how honest students are with sharing their insights on school needs and what is lacking in their teaching and learning environments. There were some glaring results that all students identified, which included the lack of Internet access, equity and quality of technology resources in their school. They were clearly frustrated with what their school was NOT providing them, and how within their home environments that have much better technology tools and Internet access.

I feel for these impoverished school districts. Many times the appointed team of administrators are overwhelmed themselves and they all wearing multiple hats to keep their schools afloat, and they are truly doing the best they can. The Superintendent in this case is just an interim stepping foot into the building maybe twice or three times a month to sign …

Fall Awakening in Brownsville, MN

What a beautiful time of year to enjoy the sights, scenes and smells of the great outdoors before we hit the harsh coldness of winter. In our Brownsville, MN area we have been enjoying the beautiful Fall panoramic views and sounds of the season with the arrival of the snow geese, tundra swans, white pelicans, and a variety of ducks on the Mississippi River. Just 3 miles south of our home is a newly developed overlook to view and watch the beautiful birds that have arrived to take a break from their migration route during the months of late October through December. It is a spectacular site and "a must scenic drive" for Fall travelers.

There has been a lot of activity in our area for avid photographers to take that picture perfect photo of these birds, or to capture a video clip to showcase the beauty of this secluded area. Take a look at this latest clip from "Mory" from Wisconsin of his early morning video capture from last weekend- well done Mory!

Lastly, here…