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Reflecting on October

Isn't it amazing how time flies? I have been rather quiet over these past two weeks due to a crazy work schedule, but also to reflect on my father's one year of passing. It is amazing to look back to where I was one year ago and trying to understand and handle the difficult passing of my father. Only 8 months earlier was he diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and who knew how fast it would take his life.

I owe so very much to my father. Those last few weeks in the hospital, when I could get away from work - which seemed so daunting at the time, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him. We had brief but powerful conversations encompassing stories of his past, the family farm, fishing with Grandpa John, and special stories when my father had those special moments of giving each one of us 5 kids some special one-on one time. My special time was when my dad would sneak me outside of the house at night with him when the sows were having their baby piglets, and…

Final Reflections on South Africa Educational Journey

Greeting Everyone,

I am writing my final reflection on my South African educational journey, as a peer out my deck window overlooking the Mississippi River, while it is now snowing in southwestern Minnesota. This Minnesota weather makes it seem like it was years ago when I traveled to South Africa, yet it has only been two weeks ago. I have just received some more conference pictures from Gerald and others of our final days in South Africa. Due to my dedication to present and attend the many events it was hard to capture the remaining days of photos to showcase the daily activities. Luckily many others did and shared their digital photos with us on the School net conference site, and I have now reproduced a collection of my photos and the conference attendees, conference planning team and the Intel affiliates.

At this time I want to reflect and share with each of you my thankfulness and sincere gratitude to all of my new South African friends and new colleagues. These individual…