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National ICT Conference

September 24, 25 and 26 encompassed the time I presented at the National ICT Conference in Durban, South Africa. All of the International presenters stayed at a lovely quest house where each morning we were served a cooked breakfast. From our balcony view we could see the city of Durban and the oceanfront. We also had an opportunity to be welcomed each day from the guesthouse surrounding treetops with monkeys. It was a quite a site to see as they swung from branch to branch and eventually landed on top of the guest house roof.The conference was a joyous event to attend and present at.This countries culture was truly represented throughout, but especially the opening day and closing day ceremonies with a childrens choir singing the native songs and greeting all attendees, and closing of the attendees singing in true celebration of thankfulness.Bruce Dixon, was the opening keynote presenter, delivering a powerful message addressing reform initiatives that significantly improve the opp…

South Africa Day #2

Today we ventured to the town of Hermanus in South Africa to go watch whales. It is their mating season right now and the whales are more incline to come into the shallow and coastal waters for breeding purposes. We had an opportunity to view the whales as they would breech- lunge up out of water and come crashing down. We also saw a few tail fins and their large mammoth heads and parts of their bodies covered in barnacles. The best part was hearing them reach the surface through their blowhole spurt out a spray of water before submerging back into the ocean again- it was truly breathtaking.

We continued onward with our journey back towards Capetown area and had a wonderful lunch at the Bodega Vineyard. The setting of this winery and restaurant was nestled backed within a lush floral valley and cascading mountainside- it was just breath takingand so relaxing. The Spanish decor of wrought iron accents, Tuscany rich rust and peach colors- accompanied with the cultural Spanish music…

South Africa Day #1

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share with all of you Day 1 of our adventures in South Africa. Gerald Roos so kindly guided our adventures to the southern points of interest in South Africa where we had the opportunity to experience the most beautiful views and scenery in the world. Our day long vehicle and cable car journey took us down the coastline to view both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, penguins, a few whales, seals, baboons and beautiful plants and flowers. Oh yes, and by the way, we had lovely midpoint stops for tea and decadent desserts- as a must! The slideshow below tells our story more than my words can say ~ enjoy.

Tomorrow we are off to go on a whale watching excursion :-) So tune in for more stories photos to showcase our adventures in South Africa!

Preparing for the Journey to Africa

I am excited to share with you that in exactly one week that I will be traveling to South Africa to present at the National ICT Classroom Conference. I am thrilled and honored to be one of six International speakers and workshop leaders at this conference. I would like to personal thank Gerald Roos for inviting me to this conference and for providing me the opportunity to share my technology integration expertise, and my passion for facilitating and supporting 21st century teaching and learning environments. Gerald has also done a fabulous job organizing this technology conference with his fellow ICT team members and the Durban Girls College facility and hosting representatives.

21st Century ICT literacy topics I will be presenting on include the following:
Web 2.0 Literacy Tools to Transform Teaching and LearningBe Seen ~ Be Heard: Educational Podcasting for the School EnvironmentTransforming Teaching and Learning with Interactive WhiteboardsStarting the Conversation: Social Networki…