Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhh time to relax, reflect and enjoy life's moments over the Memorial Day Weekend. I am writing this blog post as I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee this morning from our family room and am peering out onto the calm and inviting Mississippi River. We have quite a collection of birds that have sought out our bird feeders for an early morning breakfast. A mixture of yellow canaries, a beautiful red cardinal and the delightful collection of ruby throated hummingbirds are actively entertaining our cat Peaches from the deck door.

The outdoor activities are starting to pick up outside. Some of our neighbors have ventured out for an early morning fishing adventure, where others are preparing their speed boats for a mid-day boat excursion. Ahhh it is so relaxing just watching the time go by and to know when one has truly found the most perfect place to live, and to be truly happy with what life has to offer.

I will continue to enjoy the rest of the day with planting flowers in our planter boxes to line our back patio with purple and fuchsia petunia flowers once again. The rich vibrant colors of the flowers adds to the beauty of the whole outdoor setting of our home, making it so welcoming for friends and family members to gather.

Ahhh I love my life, my family and the great outdoors! Take quality time for yourself over this holiday weekend to "smell the roses" and enjoy ever minute of what life has to offer. Naomi

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