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NY Intel Training

This week takes me on a journey to Long Island, New York. I am working with a collaborative team to team teach and participate in a National Senior training for the Intel Teach Program course. We are covering three course within three days- yes- brain overload but all is good! The courses that we are introducing to adjunct faculty and university officials include: Thinking with Technology, Essentials, and Faculty Pre-Service Review. Lastly, I am excited to share Intel's new Elements Project-Based Approaches program which will be released this Fall.

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhh time to relax, reflect and enjoy life's moments over the Memorial Day Weekend. I am writing this blog post as I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee this morning from our family room and am peering out onto the calm and inviting Mississippi River. We have quite a collection of birds that have sought out our bird feeders for an early morning breakfast. A mixture of yellow canaries, a beautiful red cardinal and the delightful collection of ruby throated hummingbirds are actively entertaining our cat Peaches from the deck door.

The outdoor activities are starting to pick up outside. Some of our neighbors have ventured out for an early morning fishing adventure, where others are preparing their speed boats for a mid-day boat excursion. Ahhh it is so relaxing just watching the time go by and to know when one has truly found the most perfect place to live, and to be truly happy with what life has to offer.

I will continue to enjoy the rest of the day with planting flowers in our planter b…

May Madness

Does it ever seem that May can be the busiest month for educators? Well it sure seems like it this time around! Here is just a little insight of my May madness:
*I am in the process of putting the final touches on writing and submitting an EETT grant for seven rural school districts in western, WI.
*Preparing to attend the National Intel Senior training in NY at the end of May.
*Taking two online courses to earn graduate credits for my teaching license renewal.*
Earning a Thinkfinity certification to become an online Thinkfinity field trainer
*We have three graduates in our immediate family by the end of May- son graduating from college as a Network Administrator, son's (very close- and we love her to death) girlfriend graduating as a Veterinarian Tech/Specialist, and our youngest son is graduating from 8th grade- whoo and trying to find balance between family gatherings for all the celebrations.

Can't wait for June to roll around so there can be a little more time to relax and s…

Future Technology Conference ~ Madison, WI

This week I will be traveling to Madison, WI to present at the Future Technology Conference (FTC). My presentation "Web 2.0 Literacy Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning" will not only focus on how to use some of the new Web technologies that are beginning to transform education, it will also put you well on your way to implementing these learning strategies within your classroom practice. The tools we will be looking at include image/video editing and production, communication and collaboration, writing and research, converters and widgets, presentations and virtual environments. These tools will allow teachers and students to express their creativity in any curricular area, and you will learn how each of these tools are being used in classrooms around the world to meet content and technology literacy standards.

This Web 2.0 presentation will also be streamed live with a back channel chat for all of you to participate in globally and for a professional development oppo…