Saturday, June 20, 2009

Smartboard Training in the Elementary

I have the wonderful opportunity this week to work with a dynamic group of Holmen school district teachers of integrating Smart Board resources and tools within their k-5 curriculum. I have found that a lot of our elementary teachers struggle to find specific lessons and resources to support their instruction. This introduction of infusing smart technologies into instruction will be focused on the basics of Smartboard in education, utilizing existing resources and thematic units teachers feel comfortable with, "greening up" their lesson with the visual literacy component of the Smartboard, and how to have students be responsible for their own learning by instilling the opportunities of "student Smartboard coaches" to assist with student driven lessons as collaborative teams.

Some key sites I will share for this afternoon inservice include:
-BBC Schools
-Educational World
-Elementary Interactive Whiteboard Websites
-Elementary Smarboard Lessons
-Engaging Learners the Smarboard Way
-Get Net Wise
-Interactive Whiteboard Resources
-Internet4Classroom Teachers
-Johnny's Math Page
-K-5 Technology Activities
-Learning Planet
-Lee Summit's Smartboard Resources
-Smartboards in Elementary Classrooms
-Smartboard Delicious Bookmarks
-Smartboard Delicious Elementary Bookmarks
-Smartboard Educator Resources
-Smartboard Revolution Ning
-Smart Notebook Lesson Activities
-Smart Online Classroom Resources
-Smart Printable Training Tutorials
-Smartboard Resources PB Wiki
-Smart Two Minute Video Tutorials
-Teachers Love Smartboards
-Utah Education Network
-Whiteboard Rosources

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