Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smartboard Lessons for K-12

I have the wonderful opportunity this week to work with a dynamic group of Cashton school district teachers of integrating Smart Board resources and tools within their curriculum. I have found that a lot of our teachers struggle to find lessons and specific resources to support their instruction. So.... I have been on a mission for the past few weeks of putting a collection together to support their efforts. Below is a list of websites to get any teacher well on their way with a collection of best practices, resources and tools to utilize with their Smartboards to engage and motivate all students.

Bob’s Place of Smartboard Resources and Tools
Delicious Smartboard Resources
Internet 4 Classrooms
Great K-3 Smartboard Sites
Lee Summit Resources
Longwood Central HS
Port A Portal
Send It Home
Smart Board Lessons
Smart Board Lesson Ideas
Smart Board Podcasts
Smart English Lessons
Smart Fest
Secondary Instructional Technology
Secondary Interactive Smartboard Sites
Smartboard Integration for MS & HS
Smartboard Links
Smartboard Resources- History
Smartboard Resources- Living Environments
Smartboard Resources- Science
Smartboard Revolution Ning
Smartboard Shine and Write
Smartboard Templates
Smart Secondary
Smart Technology Sites
Social Studies Resources
Teacher Tube Math Lessons
Teaching with Smart Board 6-12 Math

School Tube
Snag Films
Teachers Domain
Teacher TV
You Tube


Ed Shepherd said...

Thank you very much for generating this list of resources. I shared this with all of my staff and even some other educators at other schools. Please keep up the great work!

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