Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top 100 Tools for eLearning 2008


ako said...

Naomi, I found your website today and am very impressed! I am new to eLearning and learned the most from your site in just a few minutes. It puts a lot of those I've learned into perspective and glued the pieces together.

I am a theoretical 'newbie' and truly passionate. I realise that before the world even coined the word 'eLearning' it is the field I've been searching for. I've thrived (and did reasonably well) in my career of software development and testing, but THIS eLearning is where I would rather be.

Can you please point me in a good starting point career-wise?

- Work redundancy has opened me to new opportunities like this one.
- I do education-related volunteer work. (eg: tutoring and volunteer teaching.) In my role as scripture teacher, I prepare original slide and video presentations,do my own graphic design, etc. Modesty aside, sometimes, when people see me, they think i've been doing this 'teaching' for several years, even though I started only recently.
- I am a qualified tutor for English and reading. I have so far worked with five early literacy students.
- I am considering educational technology as a business but in the highly collaborative and open source world of eLearning I am not sure of the business viability.
- I've been looking at the various applications of eLearning - primary school education, corporate training, homeschool, etc.
- How can I gain a good foothold in the eLearning world? For example, are there groups who needs verification or validation needs for their eLearning? How do I find institutions who may need an analytical, dedicated, resourceful and passionate person for their team?

Naomi - IE 2.0 said...
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Naomi - IE 2.0 said...

Greetings AKO!

I am truly passionate about e-learning programs for teaching and learning. More and more jobs are becoming available in the tech world relating to instructional designers, e-learning teacher/directors, graphic artists etc.

My advise for you is to join the online community of Twitter(micro-blogging social network) first at Here you can search and follow educators and e-learning specialist to gain/share best practices related to your e-learning interests for professional and personal uses.

There are currently a variety of online degree programs/certificates to earn an e-learning teaching graduate degree- one in particular in WI is UW-Stout at

Secondly, where I search and lead my "techy" friends for e-learning jobs are within this list below:

1. Indiana University Bloomington Instructional Technology Jobs Here you can find e-learning jobs all over the world.

2. ISTE Jobs Here there are a variety of e-learning jobs located mostly in the USA but a view internationally.

3. Here is a site to support e-learning careers to provide you more guidance

4. e-learning job posting through Jobster

5. Learning Light out of the UK

Hope this helps and good luck in your search and possible new career change!


ako said...

Thanks, Naomi! I'll check these out.