Saturday, November 1, 2008

T&L Tech Forum Conference Highlights

I did not get the opportunity to attend physically the T&L Northeast Tech Forum but have access to share the main two keynote audio podcast addresses from David Warlick and Kathy Schrock through TechLearning. They are audio podcasts archived in an .mp3 format.

Keynote Address by Kathy Schrock
Here is Kathy Schrock's audio podcast address on Web 2.0 Tools and Second Life for staff development and a robust professional development environment. Kathy has done great job making real-life teaching and learning connections to support all teachers in their k-12 environments. Great job Kathy- I enjoyed your "off-the-cuff" humor as well- you Rock!

Keynote Address by David Warlick

As always, David Warlick engaged his listeners with his southern drawl and vast knowledge of the ed-tech field. The room was packed with technology integration leaders as David began the address with his latest tech discovery: SearchMe, a search tool that allows you to copy and paste copy into your blog or wiki page students can then stream through and see what you post. David said he always begins a speech with something new, which segued into his fascinating discussion of why it is imperative that all educators keep searching and learning. Keynote audio podcast


Kathy Schrock said...

Thanks for the kind words!


loonyhiker said...

Thanks for sharing this podcasts! I can't wait to listen to them.