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Reflecting on Equity & Access For All Students

Good Evening Everyone!

I had the most wonderful and thought provoking conversation with my 13 year old son after school today- yes- this is correct- he is 13 years old and he does have an educated thought - more than just raging hormones:-) He is so excited that they are finally infusing a pod casting element in their Literature unit. (I am very lucky Mrs. Wisco has already taken my podcasting class- so I am sure there will be great success! (snicker- snicker:-) The problem is- my son attends a private school and the technology is limited, but he- yes the 13 year old son, advises the teacher to use the free software tool of Audacity. Jake, my son, also realizes that even this program may tap the RAM within these ancient computers, and he continues to give me a dissertation on the minimum specs Audacity requires to run this program effectively and efficiently. (Like I did not know this- but I love it when all the "preaching" shows through our sons and daughters and showcases they were really listening the whole time!) Any way....... he continues to state his case in regards to the limited analog mic headsets that this teacher has access to (5) and that she may be able to pay for (3) more out of her meager budget. Jake continues to brainstorm out loud and to try to solve this "technical setback" but forges through all the possibilities. WOW!

All I can say is this young lad is determined - no matter what- to make this project work and to find a solution by verbally problem solving all the cost effective strategies and resources around him. I ultimately voiced that I would purchase so many mic analog headsets and donate them to the school. Jake stated, "No- there has got to be a way that we can let others know how important this project is to us as students, even though the school can not find the money, or maybe a local company could donate them to our school to support our efforts."

I think I have the very next Democratic politician in my house. He is adamant to find a positive and cost effective solution- I am so proud as a parent right now! I am going to sit back and watch his actions, listen to his persuasive words, and see how the local community will support his educational technology initiative and his student leadership. I can possibly see him writing an editorial in our local newspaper- this will be his choice- but perhaps I may guide him if he asks. As a last effort he even mentioned "a call out to Mom's Twitter community, since she knows so many techy educators that care."

I will keep you posted,

Naomi and her digital native son Jake


Ernie Easter said…
Out of the mouth of babes - or at least 13 year olds. Way to go Jake! It is both amazing and truly satisfying when middle level students pick up the ball. They have so much energy.

For me this is also a painful post to read when I realize that not all students have equity and access to the technology they need. I teach in Maine at the middle level with 1:1 iBooks for all 7th and 8th grade students and teachers. It is truly transformative to teaching and learning.

For Jake, not having the resources provides him and other students to be leaders and to make it work. Good luck and looking forward to your podcasts.

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