Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 100 e-Learning Professionals on Twitter

Greetings Everyone!

I was contacted by Todd Gilmore, Center for Learning and Performance Technologies out of the UK this evening and notified that I made the top 100 e-Learning Professional list on Twitter. Even though I am not on Twitter everyday- or have more than 1,000 postings or followers- I try my best share best practices, Web 2.0 literacy websites, and ask relevant and driving questions about technology integration and supportive leadership practices. I was thrilled to be mentioned with so many unique individuals that I have only conversed with over Twitter, EdTech Talk, or through U-Stream. All I can say is thanks for the recoginition- I am honored- and I will continue to share my knowledge I have gained from my blogging community and Twitter friends to assist us with our collective vision of 21st century technology literacy efforts to support, engage and motivate student learning!


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Jane Hart said...

HI Naomi, I don't know who Todd Gilmore is, but he doesn't work for the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies! This list was set up by me, Jane Hart -