Thursday, October 9, 2008

Technology Planning Resources

After trying to submit a variety of technology planning resources tonight through one of our Wisconsin listservs and all emails being returned- I became quite frustrated with the limit of the 200kb attachment size. I have a found an alternative solution to share these resources with all of you through the embedded Google Site link for a hosting site for the tech planning attachments. Here is the support link:

I have personally created a variety of online technology planning assessment tools within Zoomerang, and also have collected over the past 5 years an "exemplar" collection of resources to support best practices through researched based tools. I am always willing to share to assist others in the "somewhat" agonizing task- but it is truly amazing to review the data results for the summarized surveys to support your technology initiatives within your school districts or educational environments.

Please remember that the Speak Up Day survey is also an excellent "FREE" survey tool to use within your district to gain critical strategic planning information. Here is the link This survey tool is NOW available and remains open until Dec. 19th. You need to setup your district information through the site and distribute the activation link within your districts to have teachers, students parents and community members take the survey. Results should be tabulated by late January early February 2009. You can request this info early if you need it to support your tech planning efforts.

Another tool kit to support 21st century learning environments and Web 2.0 planning is School 2.0 at Outstanding resources found within this site- even a bandwidth calculator for your 3 year tech planning efforts.

Good luck!

Naomi Harm
CESA #4 Educational Technology Director
WEMTA Program Chair
Twitter: nharm


Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,
There is a new completely free survey tool. Although it is still in Beta it works fine.


Mrs. R. Martin said...

I am reading your blog as part of the 30dtbbb exercise challenge and I must say right off the bat: I LOVE your layout and design! I have never seen a blogger site look so appealing! In addition, your resources are great! I didn't even know there was an World Teachers' Day!! Excellent work here.

Mrs. R. Martin said...

Just wanted to tell you that I plurked your blog URL to some friends. We want to know how you made this layout!! I am rmom352 on plurk. or rmom352@gmail. Thanks

Mrs. R. Martin said...

I found it - you have inspired me to change my templates to something a bit more creative. So I did a lot of searching today.