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The Last Lecture

After spending the entire weekend in the hospital with my father who is suffering from pancreatic cancer and heart disease, I tried to find an answer or perhaps a possible solution of why is this happening to my Dad at the young age of 70 years old. I yearned for a tangible sense of calming and inner peace to ease my stress as well, so after sneaking away from the hospital for a quick bit to eat with my husband and to reacquaint myself with him after many days of separation, I decided to stop at the local book store before heading back to the hospital. After searching through the book shelves for a few minutes I came across the book titled "The Last Lecture." I saw the You Tube video last April while chairing the WEMTA conference- and this flooded back many memories and tears swelled within my eyes- because this was the weekend my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I knew then I needed to read this to calm my nerves and gain a better understanding of how I could personally make a difference in my father's quality of life for the next 3-6 months. In between attending to my Dad's needs throughout Saturday-Sunday I stole away a few minutes here and there to read "The Last Lecture." I gained a better sense of understanding the cancer my Dad has and could totally relate to the outlined stages of cancer my dad is going through as the same as the author. My dad at times becomes very negative and even appears angry when we try to help him- he is having a hard time accepting assistance from his family members. But other times he tries to reflect a compassionate smile towards us and is sincere in his words- I can not image what he must be going through his head right now- knowing within 3-6 months he will no longer be with us. I find myself crying and becoming very emotional at very unexpected times- it is hard to realize that I will no longer have my Dad around by Christmas or shortly there after- how can one plan for this? The best thing that one can do is to stay positive and reflect on one's life stories. "The Last Lecture" shared many personal stories to make real life connections to get through the difficult times, and the author, Randy Pausch, shared and published his stories to document his experience to leave a living legacy for his young children to remember him as a positive attribute to society, his work, and especially his family. Personal stories are so very powerful- and this was my lesson learned from the book I just read to find the niche to relate to my father this weekend and throughout the next 6 months. Make time for your friends and family- listen to their stories- we never know how little time we have left with them. Naomi


l.e.herman said…
I attended your workshop this summer in Green Bay and learned a lot from you. Because of this I feel a connection. I am sorry about your father. I lost mine in 1988 from cancer. I just want you to know I am thinking and praying for you.
Lynn Herman
Gibraltar Schools

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