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Washburn Academy Administrative Leadership Day

Greetings Administrators,

Today you are here with me to explore the limitless possibilities of how social networking can play a vital part within an educational setting as an effective communication tool. You will have the opportunity to review current school technology leadership blogs and discuss between your team members how they are currently being utilized to engage teachers, students and community members with school information, activities and the sharing of best practices. Before the end of our hands-on session today you will actually create your own administrative blog within a collaborative team setting, which to create a visual web presence to share with your administrative team, family and friends.

CESA #3 Educonference

Welcome Educators to CESA #3's Educonference. I am excited to be here with you to share best practices relating to Web 2.0 literacy tools and educational podcasting. Throughout my blog page you can find support resources and helpful links to support your teaching and learning needs for the week, and other tools to tap into related to technology integration initiatives. Please feel free to visit my blog often and utilize the site as an educational resource to support your learning needs.