Sunday, June 15, 2008

CESA #4 Summer Technology Institute

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Tomorrow we are entering our second week of our summer technology institute. Our topics of focus will include Global Collaboration Projects, Google Tools, Digital Copyright, Web 2.0 Literacy Tools, and Innovative Hands-on Tech Tools. It will be a fun filled week and am so excited to work with our western Wisconsin educators and administrators- not only do I get to showcase and teach them the best practices I know- they also teach me so much of their passion for teaching and learning as well.

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Mike said...

Well done Naomi! I understand that if I am to take advantage of these many tools available for inovating my administrative presence I will need to continue practicing and improving my performance.

granted it was a short presentation and I lagged behind. With more frequent use of the tools I should be more adept. I anticipate using these tools.