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DPI Podcasting Event

I am back at it again- offering a podcasting workshop for the state department of public instruction. As stated earlier- I am truly passionate about this technology integration workshop, and thoroughly enjoy working with teachers, administrators, and students every chance I can get. Here is a brief overview of the cool technology tools and support websites and blogs we will be immersed in over the course of the next two days: Apple Education, CESA #4 Longfellow MS Makes National Headlines, Coulee Kids Podcasts, Educational Podcast Network, Gary Stager resource page, Wesley Fryer's wiki on copyright with podcasting, iTunes, Podcasting and Education, and Radio Willow Web. Other technology tools and resources that the educators will be dabbling in to search, find and create their own podcast include: Audacity, Bubbleshare, Creative Commons, Gabcast, Gcast, Hipcast, Jing, NexPlore, Photo Story 3, PodcastPeople, PodDango, Podesk, PodNova, PodOmatic, ReadTheWords, Slide Share, Slide Story, Voicethread, and many- many more. Most importantly we will be tapping into copyright free images, editing tools, and music found on these websites: Big Foto, Copy Right Free Photos, Every Stock Photo, Flickr - Creative Commons, Free Images, Loopasonic, Looperman, Musopen, PDFoto, Picnik, Pics4Learning, Picnik, Public Domain 4U, Royalty Free Music, Sounddogs, and Yoto.


Ron Starc said…
Instead of Read the Words, the current best text to speech software is Text Speaker. It has customizable pronunciation, reads anything on your screen, and it even has talking reminders. It is great for learning languages as it highlights the words as they are being read. The bundled voices are well priced and sound very human. Voices are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and more. Easily converts blogs, email, e-books, and more to MP3 or for listening instantly.

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