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Promoting Global Awareness

Yes- We have a Snow Day!

Winter Greetings Everyone!Today I am at home with my middle school son because of the inclement weather, and my son has his first snow day. We plan to put up the Christmas tree, do some decorating and do some holiday baking- well at least I plan too. He will probably say "Oh mommmmm... do I have toooo?" and this is where I may use my thinking voice- "Gosh I wish you were a girl right now to enjoy this moment," but will kindly smile at him and say, "Yes, Jacob- I really need your help to put those top decorations on the tree." It always turns out we have the best conversations, wonderful laughs, and I usually find out a little bit more about his teenage life- which is all good to keep me in the loop.

Some interesting baking and cooking sites we will explore today include: Christmas Central, Cookstr, Epicurious, Foodari, Food Blog Search, Food Network, iFoods.TV, Make My Supper, My Flickr Recipes, and Start Cooking. Some of these cooking sites have instructi…

Top 100 Tools for eLearning 2008

Geeky Tech Christmas Gifts for Your Kids or Yourself!

Don't know what to get the kids in your life for Christmas this year? Well it turns out that little people get the biggest thrill out of getting geeky gifts - particularly gifts you do stuff with. So, if you're stuck on what to get your niece, nephew, friend, or even your own little person- or yourself, take a look at this hyper-linked gift suggestions.

The geeky tech gifts are organized from the least to the most expensive, and give you 17 gift ideas for tweens and teens.

21st Century Technology Leadership

Today we met with our western Wisconsin technology leaders at CESA #4 to share, collaborate, and gleen from each others technology districts' iniatives. John Pederson, from WiscNet, was also a guest speaker to share his state leadership perspective on networked learning, current technology trends in 21st learning environments, and educators to avidly watch and listen to over the course of this next year through their blogs and wikis. (Please review my "Blogs I love to read" list to tap into the educators mentioned from John's presentation.)

Our tech leaders also shared numerous resources of inspiring videos, creative learning tools and gadgets they would like to use with their students, and intersting insights of technology iniatives relating to online and blended learning environments. Here are the resources that were shared that you will find quite interesting:
*Gen-We Video
*Microsoft Smart Table
*Smart Table
*StudyWiz Spark *Technology Planning

Reflecting on Equity & Access For All Students

Good Evening Everyone!

I had the most wonderful and thought provoking conversation with my 13 year old son after school today- yes- this is correct- he is 13 years old and he does have an educated thought - more than just raging hormones:-) He is so excited that they are finally infusing a pod casting element in their Literature unit. (I am very lucky Mrs. Wisco has already taken my podcasting class- so I am sure there will be great success! (snicker- snicker:-) The problem is- my son attends a private school and the technology is limited, but he- yes the 13 year old son, advises the teacher to use the free software tool of Audacity. Jake, my son, also realizes that even this program may tap the RAM within these ancient computers, and he continues to give me a dissertation on the minimum specs Audacity requires to run this program effectively and efficiently. (Like I did not know this- but I love it when all the "preaching" shows through our sons and daughters and showcases t…

UW-L ME-PD Learning Community Conference

The Power of Story: What We Learn from Each Other
The 2008 November Conference I am attending is focused on "The Power of Story: What We Learn from Each Other." The theme is inspired by the belief that personal and educational transformation begins with being genuinely connected to one's own story. Stories enable us to understand ourselves and others; they power us to make changes, to build bridges, and to transform our lives and the lives of others.

Keynote speaker:
Firoozeh Dumas "Creating Global Students What Educators Can Do

Presenters: Chloris Lowe,Sara Slayton, Brian Schultz, Pat Markos, and Rob Dixon.

T&L Tech Forum Conference Highlights

I did not get the opportunity to attend physically the T&L Northeast Tech Forum but have access to share the main two keynote audio podcast addresses from David Warlick and Kathy Schrock through TechLearning. They are audio podcasts archived in an .mp3 format.

Keynote Address by Kathy Schrock
Here is Kathy Schrock's audio podcast address on Web 2.0 Tools and Second Life for staff development and a robust professional development environment. Kathy has done great job making real-life teaching and learning connections to support all teachers in their k-12 environments. Great job Kathy- I enjoyed your "off-the-cuff" humor as well- you Rock!
Keynote Address by David WarlickAs always, David Warlick engaged his listeners with his southern drawl and vast knowledge of the ed-tech field. The room was packed with technology integration leaders as David began the address with his latest tech discovery: SearchMe, a search tool that allows you to copy and paste copy into your blo…

My Father ~ My Mentor~ My Best Friend

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to share with all of you today a poem I have written for my Father below. This poem I am sharing with you reflects how my five siblings and the sixteen grandchildren will remember their Father ~ their Grandfather~ their Mentor ~ and their very Best Friend. The pictures in this post and the music slide show represents my Father's happiest moments in his life flying his powered parachute- he was so adventurous and such a risk taker from his generation. He was a wonderful man and taught me so much about life through his caring ways, his creative inventions, his enduring work ethic, and his love for polka music and dance he instilled in everyone he met, to preserve the family heritage from the old world. I will truly miss him as we lay him to rest today.

My Grandfather's Flight Whether a family is bound together or scattered far apart, Loved ones from the past and present are always in our hearts. Legacies of love and pride are passed down through the …

Top Videos to Showcase to Administrative Leaders

Happy Sunday!

Thanks to my new friend on Twitter, Lisa Thumann, I am creating this post in support of her efforts to create a video repository. This video collection will highlight the best administrative leadership videos to assist and guide our leaders of the importance of why we need to meet the needs our 21st century learners, infusing Web 2.0 technologies, and transformative solutions to assist our students to be competent self-directed learners.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite video clip, so we can add it to the collection. More to come.....

A Brave New World Wide Web
A Portal to Media Literacy
A Vision of K-12 Students
A Vision of Students Today
Did You Know ..IV
Educational Podcasting in Colorado to Replace Homework
Famous Failures
Learning and Motivation in the 21st Century
Learn to Change- Change to Learn
Let's Fight it Together!
Mr. Dalton Sherman
Pay Attention
Teachers- What Do You Really Make?
Think Differently
Web 2.0...The Machine is Us/ing Us
What I Wan…

The Evolution of the Web According to Solomon

Web 1.0 was basic connection via the Internet, where information flowed one way and was rarely updated. Web 1.0 ended in 2001 with the crash of the dot com era that some estimate cost in excess of $5 Trillion. The Web 1.0 lesson: Cash, not content, is king.

Web 2.0 marked the beginning of the 'two sided Internet,' where we started using the Internet to talk to one another. This interactivity generated billions of dollars in data - virtually for free. The Web 2.0 lesson: Sustainable revenues are possible.

Web 3.0 offers detailed data exchange to every point on the Internet, a 'machine in the middle,' with three main characteristics:

1. Smart internetworkingThe Internet itself will get smarter and become a gathering tool to execute relatively complex tasks and analyze collective online behavior.

2. Seamless applicationsWeb 3.0 theories suggest that all applications will fit together; a continuation of open source where all applications will be able to communicate. APIs will …

Wisconsin Title 1 Conference

Good Morning,

Today I am in Stevens Point, WI presenting at the Title 1 conference on the topic of WEB 2.0 Visual Literacy Tools to Engage and Motivate Student Learning. I am very excited to showcase and demonstrate a new collection of Web 2.0 auditory and visual literacy tools. These tool sets will inspire, motivate and engage all learners, while instilling the importance of everyday real-world applications to support reading and writing fluency. Each participate will have many "take-aways" in which to add to their professional "toolbox" of quick tips, tricks and and innovative learning strategies.

CESA #3 Web 2.0 Class


I will be in beautiful Fennimore, WI at CESA #3 this week. Web 2.0 literacy tools is the focus topic and we will be explore the robust and collaborative tools of Google Docs, Google Sites, Blogger and a variety of digital photo and video tools to support k-12 classroom instruction. I love this class!- and working with the tools and seeing how excited the teachers become to make instant real-word connections of how these tools can improve their instructional delivery. I also enjoy listening to the best practice share sessions, and how teachers of various technology proficiency levels plan to engage and motivates their students with these tools the very next day after the delivery of this workshop.

Here is a collection of more tools we will be exploring:

Big Huge Labs

Technology Planning Resources

After trying to submit a variety of technology planning resources tonight through one of our Wisconsin listservs and all emails being returned- I became quite frustrated with the limit of the 200kb attachment size. I have a found an alternative solution to share these resources with all of you through the embedded Google Site link for a hosting site for the tech planning attachments. Here is the support link:
I have personally created a variety of online technology planning assessment tools within Zoomerang, and also have collected over the past 5 years an "exemplar" collection of resources to support best practices through researched based tools. I am always willing to share to assist others in the "somewhat" agonizing task- but it is truly amazing to review the data results for the summarized surveys to support your technology initiatives within your school districts or educational environments.Please remembe…

Top 100 e-Learning Professionals on Twitter

Greetings Everyone!

I was contacted by Todd Gilmore, Center for Learning and Performance Technologies out of the UK this evening and notified that I made the top 100 e-Learning Professional list on Twitter. Even though I am not on Twitter everyday- or have more than 1,000 postings or followers- I try my best share best practices, Web 2.0 literacy websites, and ask relevant and driving questions about technology integration and supportive leadership practices. I was thrilled to be mentioned with so many unique individuals that I have only conversed with over Twitter, EdTech Talk, or through U-Stream. All I can say is thanks for the recoginition- I am honored- and I will continue to share my knowledge I have gained from my blogging community and Twitter friends to assist us with our collective vision of 21st century technology literacy efforts to support, engage and motivate student learning!

Education International Celebrates World Teachers' Day 2008

World Teacher's Day 2008
Every day, in millions of classrooms around the world, the universal endeavour of teaching and learning takes place. The gift of literacy is passed from one generation to the next, along with love of learning and thirst for knowledge. When knowledge is shared, skills are gained and lives can be changed.

Blue Microphones Snowflake USB Microphone - $69.00

Say hello to the Snowflake, the first professional portable USB microphone.Whether you're recording your newest podcast, talking business on the web, or just narrating your latest great family movie, the Snowflake can capture it with amazing clarity and depth that's head and shoulders above any comparable portable USB on the market!The Snowflake works on both Mac and PC with no complicated drivers to install: just connect it to your computer's USB port, follow the prompts and you'll have high-fidelity sound in no time. It's perfect for podcasting, voice recognition software, iChat, and VoIP software such as Skype and Vonage. Or use it for dictation, field recording, lecture recording, and narration for slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. The sky's the limit. It's even great for recording music via GarageBand and other multitrack recording software.Designed with the traveler in mind, the Snowflake's unique design allows you to place it on a desk or …

18 Super Small Projectors

We have been hearing about mini /pico projectors for a long time now but so far, nothing has made it to store shelves. However, there is no doubt that this technology will be an important part of many of our mobile devices in the near future—which is why there is no shortage of concepts out there. OObject has collected 18 of these potential products, including the look at Microvision's Pico Projector at CES. Thanks to for this update.


The Last Lecture

After spending the entire weekend in the hospital with my father who is suffering from pancreatic cancer and heart disease, I tried to find an answer or perhaps a possible solution of why is this happening to my Dad at the young age of 70 years old. I yearned for a tangible sense of calming and inner peace to ease my stress as well, so after sneaking away from the hospital for a quick bit to eat with my husband and to reacquaint myself with him after many days of separation, I decided to stop at the local book store before heading back to the hospital. After searching through the book shelves for a few minutes I came across the book titled "The Last Lecture." I saw the You Tube video last April while chairing the WEMTA conference- and this flooded back many memories and tears swelled within my eyes- because this was the weekend my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I knew then I needed to read this to calm my nerves and gain a better understanding of how I could p…

Life Stream You Say?

Monday morning greetings on this beautiful day in September. The birds are singing, the fish are jumping in the bay- but for some odd reason there is know sign of sunshine at this point- just a grey cloudy overcast- but that won't ruin our day ! I had the wonderful opportunity again this weekend of teaching a professional learning community of 28 learners earning their master's degree in professional development. Several questions arose around the scope of Web 2.0 tools and building your own "digital ecosystem" to have resources, collaborative networks and tools at your finger tips. One way to address these pondering questions but to get startin on building your own digital ecosystem is to first try and dive into the Web 2.0 tool world, and try out the different functionality of blogs, wikis, and life stream applications. My current web presence as you are reading from is built upon the foundation of a blog, but supported with rich resources of Web 2.0 tools an…

Digital Citizenship for the 21st Century

Greeting CESA #7 Educators and Administrators!

This blog post is dedicated to everyone that truly is passionate about 21st learning environments promoting digital citizenship skills, ethics and instilling the same technology values. I am pleased to be a keynote presenter during the Lighthouse Academy to share my expertise on this specific topic, but at the same time value the opportunity to learn from peers on how they are addressing the very same issues and talking points within their school district environments around the world. Please feel free share your view points how we as educators and administrators within our K-12 environment's can address these digital citizenship issues and make a positive impact with our digital native students, parents, community members, and school personnel.


Global Collaboration Projects

This week's focus will be on designing an effective global collaboration project for your K-16 classroom utilizing a blog as a visual web presence. I am excited to announce that I will be presenting at the Lighthouse Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Tuesday, August 6th. This academy will provide me with an opportunity to showcase to educators how to tap into existing online projects, how easy it is to get involved with an existing project, and how to create their own online global collaboration project to inspire student learning to be more culturally aware and appreciative of the diversity within our world. I have provided a list of links under the heading "Global Collaboration Projects" to tap into that I have utilized within my past classroom and current instruction with our 26 school districts in Western Wisconsin.

Washburn Academy Administrative Leadership Day

Greetings Administrators,

Today you are here with me to explore the limitless possibilities of how social networking can play a vital part within an educational setting as an effective communication tool. You will have the opportunity to review current school technology leadership blogs and discuss between your team members how they are currently being utilized to engage teachers, students and community members with school information, activities and the sharing of best practices. Before the end of our hands-on session today you will actually create your own administrative blog within a collaborative team setting, which to create a visual web presence to share with your administrative team, family and friends.

CESA #3 Educonference

Welcome Educators to CESA #3's Educonference. I am excited to be here with you to share best practices relating to Web 2.0 literacy tools and educational podcasting. Throughout my blog page you can find support resources and helpful links to support your teaching and learning needs for the week, and other tools to tap into related to technology integration initiatives. Please feel free to visit my blog often and utilize the site as an educational resource to support your learning needs.


CESA #4 Summer Technology Institute

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Tomorrow we are entering our second week of our summer technology institute. Our topics of focus will include Global Collaboration Projects, Google Tools, Digital Copyright, Web 2.0 Literacy Tools, and Innovative Hands-on Tech Tools. It will be a fun filled week and am so excited to work with our western Wisconsin educators and administrators- not only do I get to showcase and teach them the best practices I know- they also teach me so much of their passion for teaching and learning as well.

Power of the Imaginative Mind

If you have 16 minutes of your time today please few the following educational video presention by Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind. Sir Ken Robinson's remarks were recorded on April 10, 2008, at the Apple Education Leadership Summit, a gathering in San Francisco of more than one hundred school superintendents from around the world. Robinson is the author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative.

His global message is so very powerful which addresses our state of education in direct comparison to our ecological environment- wow- this is reality!

Transform your teaching and learning environment to reflect true creativity!
(Naomi Harm)

Comic Creators to Promote Social Skills

Had a great conversation with an Intel senior trainer today in Chicago about the importance of giving students a "voice" to represent who they truly are through appropriate web 2.0 social skill tools. After further thought I felt very passionate about sharing some tools that I have used with students I have worked with in our western Wisconsin area. Hope these web 2.0 tools will build a positive literacy environment within your k-16 classrooms!

*Bitstrips *ComicScout
*Comic Creator
*Comic Strip Creator *Edutopia Article on comic books *Pikikids *Pixton
*StripCreator *ToonLet

Flock Blog Editor

Testing out the Flock blog editor-and I am liking what I am seeing! Wow- it is slick! Blogged with the Flock Browser

Exciting Mashups

Exciting new mashups just released and shared with me on Twitter- check out the following links to discovery "cool" innovative technology integration tools!
Comiqs Create your own comics
Ebiwrite Tools for translatorsGoogle SkyPicReSize Picture editor
Searchme: Visual Search EngineSplashup Photo and editing manager

March Madness

Working on updating my other two blogs for my online workshop training tomorrow night, and came across some interesting slideshow add-ons. I have used some of these in the past twelve months, and some I have just stumbled upon and thought I would share with you.

What's in Your e-Learning Toolbox?

Investing new web 2.0 webconferencing tools today. Some "cool" tools I have found and will continue to research include:
Hearme Mebeam Oovoo

Happy Sunday!!! Naomi

21st Century Literacy Quote

Adopted by the NCTE Executive Committee (2/15/08
Literacy has always been a collection of cultural and communicative practices shared among members of particular groups. As society and technology change, so does literacy. Because technology has increased the intensity and complexity of literate environments, the twenty-first century demands that a literate person possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, many literacies. These literacies—from reading online newspapers to participating in virtual classrooms—are multiple, dynamic, and malleable. As in the past, they are inextricably linked with particular histories, life possibilities and social trajectories of individuals and groups. Twenty-first century readers and writers need to:

• Develop proficiency with the tools of technology
• Build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively andcross-culturally
• Design and share information for global communities to …